Former SPUR Transpo Director Dave Snyder to Write for Streetsblog

n540445756_1552763_8697.jpgPhoto by Dustin Jensen.

I’m happy to announce today that Dave Snyder, the former transportation director at SPUR, will join Streetsblog San Francisco as a regular contributor.

Snyder, who was recently appointed to a position on the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District Board of Directors, is a longtime advocate for socially just
transportation and land-use policies. He is the founder of the modern day San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and also of Transportation for a Livable City, the organization now headed by Tom Radulovich.

Snyder’s inside knowledge and comprehensive analyses of the transportation
sector will greatly enhance our coverage of transit issues in the Bay

I’m excited about this opportunity because I’ve always loved both
journalism and transportation activism, and Streetsblog is both! The
SFBC got started in 1991, really, as a vehicle for the publication of a
newsletter to connect various elements of the bicycle activist
community. Streetsblog can do the same thing for the broader livable
streets movement: connect the dots between the bicycle activists and
the neighborhood activists and the social justice activists. I hope
that I can learn from the different perspectives and help educate folks
who see transportation from those different perspectives about how by working
together we can create a more livable city for everyone.

Welcome Dave! We’re thrilled to have you.

  • Terra

    Congrats, Dave! I’ll look even MORE forward to reading streetsblog now (if that’s possible).

  • Have met Dave a couple times at SPUR events. Class act, good guy. Look forward to reading/hearing his thoughts.

  • As a SPUR member, that’s awesome!

  • Welcome aboard from your co-workers in the Southland!

  • CBrinkman

    Excellent addition to S’Blog. Looking forward to reading even more great articles.

  • Hooray!

  • Yes, just what you folks needed—another bike zealot.

  • thegreasybear

    ^Says the anti-bike zealot we never needed.

    Poor, poor Rob. His ability to play Dear Leader to petrol-pimping reactionaries is deteriorating as rapidly as his mid-20th century mindset. His last couple decades on this planet will be indelibly marked by the intensification and spread of the cycling revolution he has worked so hard to denigrate and obstruct.

    Meanwhile, younger San Franciscans–and younger Americans and Europeans–will continue to adopt cycling in ever-greater numbers than those who came immediately before us. This tectonic shift in healthy, sustainable, environmentally-responsible transportation will eventually alter urban planning, politics, and the way we see ourselves, one another, and our planet.

    This is the shape of things to come: two wheels and zero emissions. And, perhaps, a lovable old coot, covered in spittle and waving a cane, somewhere near a safe, wide and well-traveled bike lane.

  • 9:30 AM and the lovable old coot is posting on Streetsblog. Perhaps MUNI circa 2009 – unfettered by the bike plan – was unable to get him to the MTA hearing.

  • Yeah Dave! Look forward to reading your stories!

  • lonnie mavison

    Galvanized by San Francisco bike activists Prolific Playwright Larry Myers wrote his eco friendly drama as part of BICYCLE THEATER PROJECT

    “Bicycle Centaurs”

    abt today’s bike riders of cities
    cowboys ^ daredevels, environmentalists & investment banking peddalers
    the play was composed at the corney of Castro & Market Streets at the new outdoor tables & chairs across the street from Twin Peaks

    This seems an ideal play for Theater for the New city”s Green Scene Cabaret whre last year Myers’ play about the Berkeley tree climbers was staged–
    that was “Environmentalits’ Seance.”

  • Bruce Wolfe

    Glad that another bike zealot like Dave is joining up. Known Dave since the days of the Upper Canopy in the Haight. He the right guy.


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