Today’s Headlines

  • Sacramento Appeals Court Says Legislators Cannot Raid Public Transit Funds (AP)
  • How to Talk Up Transit to a Conservative (Infrastructurist)
  • SFBG: "Parking is Quietly Becoming the Year’s Big Issue"
  • Streetscape Measure Moves to Full Board of Supes Without Underground Utility Money (KCBS)
  • Supes Approve Rec and Park Fee Increases (BCN via CBS5)
  • Bicyclist Killed by a Driver on Camino Tassajara in Contra Costa County (Danville Weekly)
  • "Well-Known Bakersfield Bicyclist" Killed by Alleged DUI Driver (Californian)
  • U-C Berkeley Study Looks at Putting Speeding Cameras on Highways (ABC7)
  • Texting While Driving: See Just How Much It Slows Reaction Time (How We Drive)
  • Scoping Report Released on SF to SJ High-Speed Rail (SFist)
  • Portland on an On-Street Bike Parking Binge (BikePortland via
  • Biking in the suburban East Bay anyone? Methinks I’ll take a rain check with people like this f***-up living over there and commenting on the disgusting crash that killed a cyclist on Camino Tassajara:

    “Posted by Robert, a resident of the Blackhawk neighborhood, 1 minutes ago

    He shouldn’t have been riding in that dangerous road. I feel sorry for the family and the drivers of the cars!”

    Ah yes, let’s all take a moment and feel sorry for these poor vehicle drivers that one-two KO’d this father because the initiating driver could not spare a second and wait to pass safely. I hate stuff like this because it really does make me so anti-car (and maybe anti-person) rather than a pro-bike and happy sunny ‘gradual change is possible’ person.

  • Justin –

    I just sent out an email to my cycling club and former triathlon club discouraging use of Camino Tassajara from Highland Rd. to Dublin. The comment is ridiculous of course. But that road sucks. The problem is that 10 years ago that road was the essence of rural cycling – a fantastic road, with great transit connection to BART in Dublin. Now they have built hundreds of condos on the Southern end of Camino Tassajara and the traffic has increased beyond the limit of the road. It sucks that such a formerly scenic route is decidedly non-scenic, and it sucks that it is not even a good connector anymore.

    Dozens of route sheets are posted on websites that use that road – routesheets that now would only be used by people unfamiliar with the area, perhaps doing a loop with Mt Diablo.