Seven Hells Bike Tour

"Hey masochists, get those granny gears oiled up — Seven Hells is back
with seven (and then some) of the City’s most devilish climbs. Be
prepared for some very strenuous climbs and long flat rides: Twin
Peaks, Mt. Davidson, Ocean Beach to Legion of Honor, Seacliff and GG
Bridge, Divisadero, Nob Hill, 21st St. in the Mission and Clipper.
We’ll be going around 45 miles (route as PDF).
With breaks and a moderate pace, this ride should take around 4-1/2
hours. Strong riders only please. We will make every reasonable effort
to stay together as a group. Rest stops announced on day of the ride."


SFBC Rec Ride: Seven Hells of San Francisco

From SFBC: This year’s ride will revisit some favorite old monster climbs including Dalewood, 21st Street and Divisadero. Expect some surprising new nasties that will make it hard to keep two wheels on the ground. And yes, extra credits are back as well. With breaks and a moderate pace, this 30 mile ride should take […]

SFBC Rec Ride: Seven Hells of SF

"Are burning calf muscles something you just can’t get enough of? The Seven Hells of San Francisco are back! The ride will hit some favorite hills from previous years, including Twin Peaks and 21st Street, as well as take on a few new monsters. With breaks and a moderate pace, this 35-mile ride should take […]

SFBC Rec Ride: Seven Hells of SF

From SFBC: What is the sound of a calf muscle screaming? Find out on the 5th annual Seven Hells of San Francisco ride led by SF Bicycle Coalition member Dan Reider! It’s back with an even longer and hillier version of San Francisco’s favorite bike ride of champions. The ride will be broken into two […]

This Week in Livable Streets Events

 This week, look at the city through the eyes of others. Begin by viewing growth through a European lens and end with a local approach to greening and sustainability. Here are the week’s highlights: Tuesday: SFMTA Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee Meeting. Let the PSAC, the official public representative to the Board of Supervisors on pedestrian […]

AIDS/LifeCycle 9 Ride

"AIDS/LifeCycle is a seven-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles through some of California’s most scenic countryside. The world’s largest annual HIV/AIDS fundraiser, the event is co-produced by the SF AIDS Foundation and L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center to support HIV/AIDS services at both organizations."

East Bay Bike Party: Zombie Reunion Ride

From East Bay Bike Party: Now that school’s back in, it’s time to use your… BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS!!! Reprising one of our all-time most popular ride themes for October, it’s time to get your zombie on. Start thinking about your costume and feel free to dig up some friends for this one. The ride route and start […]