Bailout Recipient Citigroup Gets Contract to Run ‘Cash for Clunkers’

As the Senate gears up for debate this week on approving
$2 billion more in "cash for clunkers" new-car rebates, Transportation
Secretary Ray LaHood has vowed to work with the program’s main private
contractor — Citigroup — to iron out any kinks in the system that auto dealers use to apply for taxpayer-subsidized reimbursements.

Ray_LaHood.jpgTransportation Secretary Ray LaHood (Photo: AP)

Citigroup, one-third of which is controlled by the government that gave the bank a $45 billion bailout, is reportedly tripling the number of workers on its "clunkers" contract to handle the increased demand.

extra work could involve more money for Citigroup, but the amount the
bank is getting from the Obama administration to help manage the car
rebates remains unknown.

Streetsblog Capitol Hill has asked
the U.S. DOT for a copy of the contract, as well as data on any other
companies that may have bid on the opportunity, and will update this
post as more information becomes available.

What is known, as
LaHood noted yesterday, is that the government did not anticipate the
size of the car-deal backlog that ended up accumulating between July 1,
when the "clunkers" rebates got an initial $1 billion infusion, and
July 27, when the program officially launched.

"There were some bureaucratic problems in the process, in
making sure we had enough people contracted with to do the paperwork,"
LaHood told
C-SPAN’s Newsmakers show. "You don’t want to have these kinds of
problems, but it’s the kind of problem that shows the program has been
very successful."

also made no bones about the Obama administration’s desire to see the
rebates extended without any stronger fuel-efficiency requirements for
cars that are traded in. Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Susan
Collins (R-ME), have suggested they would not support any new money unless greater environmental benefits were ensured from the auto purchases.

a way, we’re meeting the metric they would like," LaHood said of the
two senators, asserting that fuel efficiency benefits have been
enhanced by the amount of trucks that are being swapped for smaller


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