Eyes on the Street: Parked Cars Block Bike Lanes Near Ballpark

photo2.jpgTerry Francois Boulevard, site of new SFpark meters, on Wednesday.

An anonymous photographer snapped the above photo last Wednesday on Terry Francois Boulevard, across from AT&T Park, where SFpark electronic meters were recently installed. It seems one driver got the wacky idea that the new meters require cars to park perpendicularly, across the bike lanes, and the other drivers followed?

We’re not quite sure why it happened, or why it was confusing to drivers. As of Sunday, it looks like things have been sorted out, and drivers are handling the new smart parking system just fine. 

See more pictures of the new SFpark meters, and cars parked correctly, after the jump.

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3830434523_36c9f36c25.jpgBy Sunday, cars were parked correctly on Terry Francois Blvd. Photo: Bryan Goebel
3831240076_c404b680c7.jpgPhoto: Bryan Goebel
3831238502_8b32f79956.jpgThe new SFpark meters up close. Photo: Bryan Goebel
  • Michael P.

    Not just one driver, but at least four! Notice the other three parked the same way on the opposite side of the street! Kinda silly.

  • jj

    Michael P, not just silly, but idiotic. The street lines clearly indicate how youre supposed to park, and yet they still didnt get it. Its why our roads require such an overwhelming amount of signage. Visual cues arent enough, apparently you need a sign saying “PLEASE PARK PARRALEL TO CURVE IN THE DIRECTION OF TRAFFIC”

  • I’ve seen this quite a bit down there.

  • Aaron B.

    That photo is eerie… it’s as if you’ve just walked into town and everybody’s gone mad.

  • This is super common, at least on game days. If nobody tickets them for it, it’s not illegal.

  • Steve

    Everyone should put DPT parking enforcement in their cell phone address book: (415)553-1200

  • Kevin

    Not sure what it is about Baseball that makes people drive crazy, but I was down on Terry Francois and Illinois the other day to witness a ton of bike/ped/car near collisions. Drivers leaving the ball park on Terry Francois are allowed “left turn after ball games” onto Illinois according to signage. However drivers assume this sign means a protected left-turn which it is not. Two fast moving left-turn lanes of drunk game-goers divided by on coming traffic, two bike lanes, and a crosswalk, equals disaster. Also the hordes of pedestrians crossing King after games while walking backwards through a red light are bewildering. I know they stimulate the SF economy or whatever, but these self-proclaimed super citizens need to get a clue.


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