Today’s Headlines

  • ATU Members Approve BART Contract (KCBSCBS5ABC7)
  • 145 BART Train Operators Earned More Than $20,000 in Overtime (SF Gate
  • More on the Bay Bridge Labor Day Closure (Merc
  • San Rafael’s D Street Opened to Two-Way Traffic (Marin IJ)
  • Muni Fare Evaders Get $75 Fines During Sting (Mission Loc@l)
  • SF Gate: "Mission Bay Becoming a Real Neighborhood"
  • Software Firms Tap the Market for Curbing Txting-While-Driving (WSJ)
  • Seattle DOT Looking to Expand On-Street Bike Parking (Car Free Days via
  • Oakland Businesses Still Steamed Over Parking Meter Changes (SF Gate)
  • Mayor Newsom Talks Bike Lanes with Mexico City Mayor (Merc)
  • mcas

    So, the SF Gate is now reporting on e-mail forwards of people bitching about parking…? I should give Jon Caroll’s e-mail to my Uncle– he could have a novel in 3 weeks…!