Judge Agrees to Delay Hearing to Consider Lifting Bike Injunction

There’s word from the City Attorney’s office this afternoon that the hearing to consider lifting the bike injunction has been delayed. From the press release:

Though a hearing on the City Attorney’s motion to lift the injunction against the San Francisco Bicycle Plan had initially been set for Sept. 24, counsel for anti-bicycle petitioners "Coalition for Adequate Review" (or CAR) and local blogger and perennial political candidate Rob Anderson appeared before the court ex parte earlier today to seek a postponement. The City Attorney opposed petitioners’ motion to postpone. Nonetheless, due to the court’s vacation schedule, Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn agreed to continue the case for just over 30 days.

A hearing on the motion is now set for November 2nd but the judge could issue a tentative ruling October 30th, which happens to fall on a Critical Mass Friday. Even though the release mentions Judge Kahn, Matt Dorsey, the spokesperson for the City Attorney’s office, told Streetsblog the original judge, Peter J. Busch, is still likely to hear the case. He was just absent today.


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