Today’s Headlines

  • SFPD Ingleside Station Conducts Undercover Sting On Muni, Promises More (SF Gate)
  • New Daly City Muni Stop Meant to Alleviate Over-Crowding (Examiner)
  • SF Chamber Opposes Increased Parking Meter Hours, Points to Oakland as Caution (Examiner)
  • Chronicle Editorial Board Up In Arms Over "Car Wars": Presidio Road Closure Trial (SF Gate)
  • SF Appeal Pokes Fun at Central Subway and MTA Spokesperson Judson True
  • MTC Releases Report Updating Translink Usage Numbers (Akit’s Complaint Dept)
  • A Look at Why California’s Gas Prices Are Higher Than National Average (SF Gate)
  • Mr. Roadshow Looks at New FasTrak Toll-Tag Technology (CoCo Times)
  • FasTrak Toll Tag Mix-up Gives One Woman Fits (ABC 7)
  • Huge Percentage of Non-Traffic Auto Deaths From Back-Overs With Toddlers (KCBS)
  • Honda One-Ups Segway in Race to Build World’s Silliest Transport Device (Biz Insider)
  • Madrid Pedestrianizes Traffic-Choked Street and Shoppers Rejoice (Globespotters)

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  • zsolt

    I’m glad that they started to check Muni in my area.

    “Ingleside Station, ground zero of the Police Department’s experimental reform efforts”

    I like reading that. If you think you have seen the worst in fare cheating in the city, you have not seen what’s going on in Ingleside.

    Yet – the operation was 5 1/2 hours and they issued **22** citations? In that time there must be several hundred times more fare cheats than that!

    Still… kudos.