SFBC Free Urban Cycling Workshop: On Road: Street Skills Primer (Day 2)

"Practice what you learned in the Intro to Safe Cycling class. This Street Skills Primer class follows a comfortable progression onto city streets. After a basic bike maintenance session, riders will practice their bike skills in a car-free practice area before taking it to the streets in small groups led by their instructors. Riders will gain experience riding alongside moving traffic in different traffic conditions, and apply the safe riding techniques practiced in the car-free space into real-life situations. Adults and anyone over 14 years of age are welcome; bicycle, helmet and preregistration required. Please bring your lunch."


JFK Drive Bikeway Promises Pleasant Travel in Golden Gate Park

As early as this spring, residents and tourists could be enjoying a world-class bi-directional, physically-separated bikeway along a 1.5 -mile stretch of Golden Gate Park’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) Drive as part of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s (SFBC) Connecting the City campaign for a network of routes safe and comfortable enough for an eight […]