SPUR Lunchtime Forum – Tehran: a city in unrest

"Iran has been in a state of conflict since the controversial presidential election in June. Marc Babsin, principal at Emerald Fund, spent three weeks in Tehran immediately following the election. Join Marc for his observations on Iran’s urban culture, daily life and shifting political landscape."


SPUR Forum: Post Election Recap

From SPUR: The upcoming election puts hot-button issues before the voters. What will the results mean for the city and for the next set of election cycles to come? In a much-loved tradition, SPUR and local political analysts provide a witty and incisive post-election recap. + Alex Clemens / Barbary Coast Consulting + David Latterman / Fall Line Analytics

SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Post-Election Recap

From SPUR: The November 2010 election promises to be one of the most exciting in recent memory. What will the election results mean for San Francisco? In one of SPUR’s best-loved traditions, join political analysts Alex Clemens and David Latterman for our post-election recap.