Sustainability Matters: Bicycle Sharing Programs from Paris to San Jose

"The purposes of the workshop are twofold: 1) to present information on innovative programs, and 2) to begin a dialogue about the future role of biking for SJSU students, faculty, and staff. The panelists are Rod Diridon (Executive Director of the Mineta Transportation Institute), John Brazil (Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Coordinator, City of San Jose), Corinne Winters (Executive Director, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition), Lilia Scott (Transportation Planner) and Andy Chow (Commute Specialist, SJSU’s Transportation Solutions). These experts will share their knowledge of successful bike integration into everyday commuting patterns." 


SF Transportation Authority Launches iPhone App to Track Cyclists

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (TA), the city’s congestion management agency responsible for modeling transportation and development patterns, has released its new bicycle route data application, Cycle Tracks, for iPhones and GPS-enabled iTunes players at the iTunes store. Like similar applications that give information such as speed and distance traveled, users of the TA […]

Spot-By-Spot, or Route-By-Route? SFMTA Refines Its Bicycle Strategy

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency is pondering the most effective way to improve the city’s bicycle network in the coming years as it rolls out its Bicycle Strategy: Should planners focus bicycle improvements on dangerous and stressful spots throughout the city, or focus on upgrading major bike corridors to the highest quality of comfort first? Tim Papandreou, […]

David Chiu: Bike Network Expansion Is Transportation Priority #1

Board of Supervisors President David Chiu, who for the past 24 hours has served as Acting Mayor of San Francisco, said expanding the city’s bike network will be his number one transportation priority in the coming year, along with pedestrian safety and improving Muni’s reliability and performance. “First and foremost, as someone who bikes every […]