Today’s Headlines

  • AC Transit GM Rick Fernandez Retiring After 10 Years at Job (SF Examiner)
  • Study Finds Fare Evaders Cost Muni $19 Million Annually (SF Examiner, SFGate)
  • Second "Operation Safe Muni" Catches More Muni Fare Evaders (SF Examiner)
  • Body Found on Muni Bus Hours After Driver’s Shift Ended (SF Examiner)
  • Pedestrianist Blasts Chronicle Editorial Board for Opposing the MTA’s Parking Study
  • SFPD Launches Program to Crack Down on Violations that Lead to Pedestrian Fatalities (CBS5)
  • Driver Hits Cyclist, Says "That’s Just Terrible," Then Takes Off (SFist)
  • Girl Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver as She Exits AC Transit Bus in Oakland (SFGate)
  • Three Men Arrested for Involvement in Brutal Beating on Muni (KGO)
  • SF Parking Enforcement Officer Injured in Hit-and-Run Crash (KGO)
  • The NY Times Reports on Efforts to Cut Rampant Disabled Placard Abuse in California
  • USA Today Report on Dangers of Urban Cycling Misses Point About Safety in Numbers
  • Pedestrian-Oriented Makeovers to Chinatown Alleys on Hold Due to Funding Crunch (SF Examiner)
  • High-Speed Rail Could Complicate Plans for Revitalizing Los Angeles River (LA Times)
  • Peacefully Cycling the Berlin Wall, Where Guard Dogs Once Roamed (Guardian UK)

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  • SFPD Launches Program to Crack Down on Violations that Lead to Pedestrian Fatalities

    And for all the “Cyclists are a menace to pedestrian” angst, cyclists don’t make the list of hazards…

  • Oh, please… really? How often do bicyclists kill pedestrians? You sound as if automobile domination isn’t the gigantic elephant in the room of street danger, and pick out bicycles, which are part of the solution to livable streets, whose little danger is due mainly to lack of dedicated infrastructure (as they’re constantly avoiding danger themselves). It may even very well be that bicyclists violate pedestrians’ right of way at the same rate motorists do, but that’s irrelevant – size and weight leave the chances of actually colliding with a pedestrian are relatively very low, let alone killing one. In fact, it’s quite a feat.

    And don’t get me wrong, I am as much a pedestrian advocate as much as a bicycle advocate. But you’re picking the wrong fight here, and thus helping maintain the status quo of automobile domination.

  • I just realized, John, I have have misinterpreted your angle. If so, my bad – in any case, that argument was directed against the “cyclist-ped menace” argument.

  • There is a lot of angst on various comment boards, some cyclist is hit by a car and some random person brings up the orthogonal comment that cyclists are a menace to pedestrians – but when you peel back the onion and look at the real, observed numbers – cyclists are not the threat to pedestirans. Cars are.

    If that wasn’t clear 😉