Today’s Headlines

  • Is it Time to Consolidate Bay Area Transit? MTC Launches $2.5 Million Study (SF Gate)
  • It’s the End of Car Culture as We Know It (NYT)
  • Ribbon Cutting Held for South San Francisco Bridge That Will Close Gap in Bay Trail (SM Daily Journal)
  • Feinstein Backs Transbay Terminal Site for High-Speed Rail (City Insider)
  • PR Firm Tied to Schwarzenegger Drops Bid for HSR Contract (LAT)
  • SamTrans to Outfit Vehicles with GPS; Riders to Get Real-Time Data (Oak Tribune)
  • BART Directors Award Contract to Ex-Bakery Associate Against Staff Recommendation (Oak Tribune)
  • LA MTA Approves Long-Range Transportation Plan (Streetsblog LA)
  • Bicycle Thefts are Up in Alameda; Police Urge Cyclists to Lock Up Properly (Coco Times)
  • He’s 92 Years Old and Still Riding His Trike (Change Your Life, Ride a Bike)

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