Bicyclist Injured in Collision at Market and Ellis Streets this Morning

39089837_1.jpgTwitpic photo: bfuller9

A bicyclist was injured in an apparent collision involving an automobile at Market and Ellis Streets this morning. Limited details were available about the crash, but Streetsblog contributor Pam MacLean reports that it took place just before 7:40 a.m. today:

On my ride in today, I saw a cyclist down on the sidewalk at Market &
Ellis, on the westbound side of Market. … He was placed on a board by fire dept. ready for transport by ambulance (which had just arrived). Bike was beside him. Unclear what happened, or if he was indeed headed west.

MacLean reports that the cyclist appeared to be conscious and moving.

Lt. Ken Smith of the San Francisco Fire Department confirmed that both the fire department and the police department responded to the crash, which he confirmed involved a vehicle. Lt. Doug Groshong of the SFPD hit-and-run unit was not aware of the crash, and said the driver likely remained on the scene since his unit hadn’t been notified about it. An SFPD public affairs officer was also not aware of the crash.

Did you see the crash or have more information about the condition of the bicyclist? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Nick

    I was walking to work at that exact time this morning and I saw some emergency vehicles headed in that direction. Hope they’re ok.

    As I walked past 6th Street, I noticed there was no PCO diverting traffic at the intersection like on other mornings. If it was an eastbound accident, this may be a factor. About 3 private vehicles were ignoring the right-turn rule for each stop light cycle. Since the street was wide open, they were picking up some considerable speed.

    If it involved westbound traffic, I noticed on other mornings that cars are circumventing the trial by entering between 4th-6th (from the northbound area) and then doing a 360 degree doughnut in the middle of Market so that they can still drive east.

  • zsolt

    What? We have a car-bike crash with no knowledge of the details and no-one is blaming the biker yet?

  • Jym

    =v= I’ve also noticed that motorists are speeding on Market.

  • I passed by this guy in the morning and he sitting on the curb and gesturing towards his injuries. I couldn’t make out if anything was broken or seriously hurt, but he seemed to be largely ok.

  • RachaelL

    Jym — where are drivers *not* speeding in San Francisco? I keep passively aggressively wanting to get a speed gun and see just how often drivers are speeding past me, but I doubt it’d do any good.

  • Wow. As the guy who took the photo, I’m so impressed by your content aggregation savvy. I was just thinking around this time that this type of automatic, almost unintended collaboration is where media needs to move. And voila!
    I’m curious (question to Michael Rhodes) whether the story genesis was coming across the photo, or did you hear about from some other fashion and then find the photo.

    I hope the rider was OK. I really didn’t get a good look as I drove by. And as a guy who commuted from marin to SF on my bike for 18 months, I sympathize. It’s scary in the big city.


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