Today’s Headlines

  • Bay Bridge Remains Closed; Caltrans Blames Wind and Traffic Vibrations (ABC7, SF Gate, NYT, Merc)
  • BART Ridership Surges 49 Percent as Many Drivers Take Transit (SF Appeal, BART Diaries)
  • Woman Hospitalized After Being Hit by a 38-Geary Bus in the Richmond (SF Examiner
  • Muni Farebox for Sale on Craigslist (N-Judah Chronicles)
  • More on the City’s Plans to Purchase Pieces of Cable Car History (SF Examiner)
  • SF General Hospital Takes On Transportation Issues (Mission Dispatch)
  • Marin County Raises Planning and Building Fees (Marin IJ)
  • Lance Armstrong’s Stolen Bike to Be Auctioned (Sac Bee
  • The GMAC Bailout Is "Cash for Clunkers" By Another Name (WSJ, Naked Capitalism)
  • Gearheads for Livable Streets? Hot Rod Lover Gives Up "Soul Sucking, Dirty" City Driving (Slate)

More headlines over at Streetsblog Capitol Hill.

  • Compare the New York Times coverage of the Bay Bridge fiasco with the SF Chronicle’s:

    It’s better written, more analytical, and actually gets quotes from engineers and people who know what they’re talking about. The Chronicle coverage is downright amateurish.

    How is it that anyone repairing the Bay Bridge is not anticipating 30 mph gusts of wind? (They should be anticipating 80–100 mph gusts.) How can they not anticipate the effect of vibrations from traffic? This is their job, for heaven’s sake.

    I wish we had a good newspaper in town. Sigh.

  • patrick

    Yeah, I’ve been watching & reading a lot of the news coverage and 2 important questions I have not heard asked once are:

    “What are you doing this time that is different than last time that would lead us to have more confidence?”

    “Why did the piece fail so quickly under conditions that were exactly what should have been expected?”

    I also notice the professor from Berkeley who predicted the original work was shoddy, and has now been proven right, is saying this fix is being handled in the exact same way.