Today’s Headlines

  • Bay Bridge Remains Closed with No Estimate for Reopening (SF Gate, ABC7, NYT)
  • "Bridge Closure Reminds Us of BART Capacity Needs" (21st Century Urban Solutions)
  • Hayward BART Station Reopens After 7-Hour Power Outage (ABC7)
  • 5-year-old Cupertino Boy Dies After Being Run Over by Teacher Driving SUV (SF Gate)
  • Accused L.A. Road Rage Doc Denies Trying to Injure Bicyclists (LAT)
  • City of Santa Rosa Gets $500,000 to Focus on Bicyclist, Pedestrian Safety (Press Democrat)
  • Bike Portland: "Is Our Bike Scene Too White? Local Non-Profit Tackles Issue"
  • Lennar Unveils Plans for Condo Development in Hunters Point (SF Gate)
  • NY’s Sadik-Khan, Burden Are Untouchable in Hypothetical Bloomberg Third Term (NYT)
  • Trinity County Purchases Two New Buses with Stim Funds (Record Searchlight)

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  • “Too White” sounds like it is white people’s fault for biking. While I agree with the premise, maybe saying “How can we diversify our bikers?” would be a better way of stating it. This ties back into the parking issue here in the city, that transportation is a great place to wage the fight for social justice.

    Also, I find it interesting that people were complaining how limited the capacity on BART is, but don’t follow that back to funding issues. People just want whatever mode they are using to be the best funded (doesn’t matter that when they drive, they fight against transit funding). San Francisco Transit Oriented Design mentioned something similar to this the other day, but it can be applied to right-of-way as well as funding.

  • Bike Portland: “Is Our Bike Scene Too White?
    Well, I haven’t been to Portland for about 15 years but when I did visit, their free weekly Willamette Week, had a cover story that was titled (I am not kidding) “Honky Town!” (it stuck with me all these years) At that time Portland was apparently the whitest city in the country. I’m sure it’s more diverse now but it doesn’t surprise me that they’re asking that question of their bike scene.

  • tommy

    as a white person, i’m not offended by the “too white” phrase. if you say “diversify,” this is vague. ages? genders? social groups?

    But to make the portland folks feel better, i think the reason is what pylondude pointed out.

    relatedly: i went on the “san jose bike party” last month and noticed how very many racial/ethnic minorities there were. the ride has gotten so big, this time there were three starting points. refreshingly, one of the three was on the east side, which is mostly mexican as well as vietnamese and filipino. bike party is a great thing for san jose. 4,000 riders last time!