Today’s Headlines

  • 400 Cited, 9 Arrested in "Operation Safe Muni" Sting Yesterday (CBS5, SF Examiner, Mission L@cal)
  • Morgan Hill Man Dies from Injuries Weeks After Driver Strikes Him in Crosswalk (Merc)
  • Campbell Residents Push City to Improve Intersection Where Driver Struck Boy and Grandfather (Merc)
  • Copenhagenize Spots "Coolest Bike Parking in San Francisco"
  • CAHSR Authority Hires "Context Sensitive Solutions" Expert to Speak to Peninsula Cities (SF Examiner)
  • Beyond Chron Guest Editorialist Poses Three Questions for Central Subway
  • Environmentalists, Developer Battle Over Redwood City Development Along Bay (KGO)
  • Group Seeks to Bring Ciclovia to Los Angeles (LA Times)
  • Vancouverites — Even Drivers — Want to Keep a Lane for Bikes on Burrard Bridge (Sun via Planetizen)
  • London’s Mayor Boris Rides to the Rescue on His Trusty Bicycle (Guardian)

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  • It was Beyond Chron that hosted that guest blogger not SFBG.

    That was a horribly written editorial. It was a mishmash, regurgitation of SPUR’s report. While I agree that if we are stuck with this project, then a shallower option has to be considered. But to say that cut and cover wouldn’t hurt Chinatown or Market street is to completely ignore the damage that building BART down Market caused.

    One last thing, MUNI is a division of SFMTA. Therefore, MUNI is not the one pushing the project, SFMTA is.

  • But I will agree that if the SFMTA goes through with building the CS 90′-100′ below grade, that barely anyone from Chinatown is going to ride it. And if they don’t push HARD for an extension to North Beach, then a lot of people are going to see reduced bus service with no option but to walk down Stockton (through the worse pedestrian corridor in the city) almost to the tunnel to descend 70′ to catch a 2 car light rail that only comes every 7-10 mins.

    What a joke.

  • patrick

    Wow, can we trade mayors with London. Not only does he save people while riding a bike, he scouts out future bike lanes while riding his bike! I don’t know anything else about the guy, but that already puts him way ahead of Newsom.

  • patrick, Newsome should start with being present within the city first. Sad it went from not seeing him on MUNI to just not seeing him ever in the city!

  • zsolt

    Reading other websites such as SFGate on the Muni sting, it is remarkable how much people are in favor and welcome this. Mind you, the same people would have their panties in a bumch if the city would take comparable action against motorists. The double standard is striking.