Today’s Headlines

  • Endangered Franciscan Manzanita Plant Found in Presidio Could Delay Doyle Drive Project (ABC 7)
  • Fatal Car Crash in SOMA Neighborhood Early This Morning, Investigation Open (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Port of Oakland Environmental Rules Could Put 1,000 Truckers Out of Work (Oak Trib)
  • Bike NOPA Grades City’s Repaving Schedule for Streets Frequently Used by Cyclists
  • Old Plans Dug Up For Never Built Elevated Train From SF to Palo Alto (Burrito Justice)
  • FTA to Investigate BART Over Oakland Airport Connector Discrimination Complaint (AP via CBS 5)
  • Land-Use Planning, Not Funding, May Be Biggest Obstacle to CA High Speed Rail (CAHSR Blog)
  • Tiburon Police Set Up Cameras to Record Every License Plate Entering Town (KCBS)
  • Verlyn Klinkenborg’s Very Odd Musings on Bicycle Riding at Stanford University (NY Times)

More headlines over at Streetsblog Capitol Hill.

  • I have it on VERY good authority that Dr. Klinkenborg is himself a bit of a cyclist.

  • someone tell the rich people of Tiburon that those who are stealing your cars are very likely not rich, and therefore, are likely arriving via foot/bus/bike/ferry.

    but have fun — i’m sure the authorities will find all sorts of good uses for that data.

  • and that Vernon piece is excellent, even though he ends up despising bicycles. so, yes, ‘very odd’ seems about right.

    i could see how someone could be put off by some of the chaos that occurs on stanford’s bikey campus.

    but, Vernon didn’t mention that a lot of Stanford is very spread out, and so walking for 20 minutes at a time, several times a day, and often much more than that — to get to classes/home/work/etc., or wait on the terrible transit/bus system, is not desirable.

    can bikes be ‘deleterious’ the way horses can? no.

    can relying on walking and motorized transport, like shuttle buses and cars, be deleterious? of course.

    props to the bicycle kids of Stanford!

    [we still need to do a bicycle-friendly ranking for all schools in the US — a la the US News rankings. word.]

  • It was a very odd piece. At first he seemed to be admiring bicycle riding as an expression of individuality. And then it took a strange turn. Kids at Stanford only have ten minutes between classes to travel distances often a half mile or more, so his longing to return to the “ideal natural gait” is nuts, unless he wants to see the students all jogging or all late to class. And then he claims that somehow bicycling is a refutation of the Jeffersonian ideal? He needs to stand on El Camino where he can shed real tears rather than crocodile ones over how much our society has disassociated itself from the values of Mr. Jefferson. Why did the New York Times print this?