Streetfilms: Video Coverage of Today’s Bike Celebration Press Conference

Streetfilms’ John Hamilton was on the scene of today’s press conference to celebrate San Francisco’s first bike lane in three years and announce what the city plans to do over the next six months to improve conditions for bicyclists in San Francisco. Stay tuned for more Streetfilms coverage of all the bike improvements!


    Did Gavin ride his stationary bike through the new bike lane?

  • It’s great to have this kind of support from the Mayor. This is unprecedented here in SF, to have the City and the SFBC on the same page, moving forward in decisive and innovative ways. I bike and I vote!


    Sorry, I differ. Newsom as best I can tell has done very little to advance the cause of a safe and dignified street environment for cyclists. As I alluded to in my initial comment, he couldn’t even be bothered to attend Bike to Work Day. For a politician so focused on press releases and spouting nonsensical drivel at ribbon cutting ceremonies, failing to attend Bike to Work Day is just a big “Eff You!” to cyclists.

    What’s happening right now in terms of cycling infrastructure improvements is the absolute bare minimum that could be expected in a city where ridership has been growing so steadily for years.

    Would Matt Gonzalez have vetoed Healthy Saturdays? Would he have allowed the EIR to drag on for months past its deadline? Where was Newsom when the shitstorm was happening at Market/Octavia? Bevan Dufty, Ross Mirkarimi and Chris Daly were all there. In the absence of physical improvements, what innovative and effective new programs has Newsom’s administration developed? As a timely for instance, say to educate and train Police officers on cycling issues?

    I’d be willing to bet my 3 spoked aero fixie wheel that the extent of Newsom’s involvement with these improvements was limited to telling the driver of his enormous SUV to deliver him to the event.

    For those that deal directly with the MTA, the Mayor’s office and other elected officials, I commend them for being able to hold their noses at events like this. And for political reasons I can understand why they stand smiling behind the Mayor. But come on, we should all know that it’s people like Andy Thornley and Leah Shahum and dedicated, nameless MTA staffers that should be down front and center.

    Cross your fingers and pray that 2011 ushers in a truly green Mayor.

    Ever heard of a Republican named Michael Bloomberg in one of the East Coast cities?

  • I have to agree with TIM…whatever to a degree. It seems like NY was able to do what they did so quickly because of such a strong mayor. TA and other organizations seem to have been there to cheer it on, but without Bloomberg all over it, it doesn’t seem this would have happened with advocacy and non-profits alone. It sucks that the system seems to be set up this way.

    God Newsom is a punk.

  • One other thing. I was glad to see Newsom mentioned the reversibility. At every stage it seems the MTA and the SFBC have hinted and suggested the lawsuit is going to probably, finally be over. Each time it has not yet happened. Why should we think that June 2010 is going to be any different?

    Busch could easily decide against the EIR right, what’s stopping him?



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