Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Stabbing Suspect Accused in Four Attacks (SF Gate, ABC7, SF Appeal)
  • More on Muni Service Changes Taking Effect This Weekend (SF Gate
  • BART Ridership Down for Black Friday (ABC7)
  • SF Examiner Looks at MTA’s Proposal to Extend Parking Meter Hours
  • Caltrain to Provide Real-Time Info But Hand-Held Aspect "Still Being Worked Out" (SF Examiner)
  • LA City Council Urges CHSRC to Consider Two Options for Downtown HSR Stop (LAT)
  • CHSRC to Meet Today to Discuss EIR on SF to Central Valley Route (SV/SJ Business Journal)
  • More People Walking and Cycling in Marin County (Marin IJ)
  • SJ City Council Approves 150-foot Height Limit for Ohlone Mixed Use Project (Merc)
  • SFBC Preparing for the Biggest Bicycle Party of the Year: Winterfest (SF Gate)

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  • RE SF Examiner on Parking Meters: Before I even read the damn thing, I see the photo caption: “The City’s transit agency has ruffled feathers with its plan to extend hours and days, with some saying it is riding on the backs of drivers for revenue.”

    You know what Examiner, SCREW YOU!

  • SPUR has always confused me. In theory, I’m really excited about then; but in practice, they must be on crack. I’m all for diversifying funding, but Metcalf says that the agency should abandon parking citations altogether? I hope that is more Examiner hyperbole.

  • One last gripe, the Examiner (do I even need to capitalize the name of a rag?) points to the increase in parking fees coming months before the extended hours proposal:

    The idea of extended hours at San Francisco meters came just months after the price to park per hour was raised in July. The price of parking citations also increased at the same time.

    Parking meter rates Before July 1 After
    Downtown $3.00 $3.50
    SoMa-Tenderloin $2.50 $3.00
    Fisherman’s Wharf $2.50 $3.00
    Other neighborhoods $1.50 $2.00

    Parking citations Before July 1 After
    Downtown $60 $63
    Other neighborhoods $50 $53

    -Ok, that’s all well and good, but what about MUNI raising rates TWICE in just over 6 months while drastically cutting back service? Maybe the parking advocates would like to have much of their parking stock taken away while rates increase?

  • Tos

    From Examiner story: “The MTA has to find a way to make sure parking isn’t a hassle,” he {Gabriel Metcalf, director of SPUR] said. “And issuing citations makes it a punitive endeavor for drivers.”

    I hope this is a misquote. Because, issuing citations is the only way to make sure parking isn’t a hassle. How could any parking rules function (like don’t block driveways, fire hydrants, crosswalks, etc etc) without enforcement?

  • CBrinkman

    Good point Mikesonn, Muni riders are suffering from actual service cuts – fewer runs and fewer lines available to riders who are now paying more. Let’s push for similar cuts to actual parking spaces. Fewer parking spaces at higher prices seems fair to me. We can use those parking spaces for bike corrals or as green spaces to reduce stormwater runoff.

  • “Part of the draw for us moving here was that we could sell our car,” she said. “Now we’ll have to see what happens.”

    This was a quote from the SFGate article on the MUNI cuts. My wife and I find that not owning a car is one of the most rewarding things we could have done after moving to the city. We need people thinking that they can abandon their car, not worrying if they made the right decision. People will read that quote and become more apprehensive to an already difficult proposition in modern day America.

  • Richard Mlynarik

    Re SPUR: all you need to know is that the organization’s top “transit” priority is the Central Subway and that it actively supports BART to San Jose.

    Whatever makes the corporate donors of “think tanks” happy is what makes think tank policy. Check out SPUR’s endorsement record over the years.

    Bottom line: yes massa.