Today’s Headlines

  • Higher Muni Fast Pass Price, Extra Charge for BART Coming January 1 (SF Examiner)
  • California’s Roads Worst in the Nation, Says Highway Lobby Group (KCBS)
  • Fang Elected BART Board President for Third Term (SF Examiner)
  • BART Seeks Input on Hiring New Police Chief (KCBS)
  • Builders and Taxpayers Group Protest SMART Development Deal (Press Dem)
  • MTC Administering $80 Million in Climate Action Program Grants for Transportation Projects (KCBS)
  • Tim Redmond: Private Shuttles Should Pay to Use Muni Stops (SFBG)
  • School Bus Driver Rescues Woman who Fell on Tracks in San Carlos (KGO)
  • L.A.’s Metrolink to Use Crash-Resistant Cars (LA Times)
  • Walkable Development: The Most Direct Route to Curbing Auto Emissions (Globe)

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  • Where is ANSWER now that they are raising MUNI yet again?

    I really don’t see how we haven’t pushed any increase in parking meter rates yet. Why are transit riders, the ones doing the right thing, being punished while car ownership continues to be subsidized?

  • Peanut Butter
  • mcas

    @mikesonn: Simple– because there is no effective transit advocate group to hold the MTA board accountable. Car drivers are rich and whiners– so, no one messes with that group, but us transit folks have no one to organize, alert, and activate. We need a Bus Riders Union in SF now.

  • mcas – I sat in on a meeting with some neighborhood groups, and a couple weeks ago and we are planning a MUNI summit for January. Hopefully we can pull together a loose network of neighborhood groups and interested individuals to form a more cohesive voice for MUNI riders.

    You are right though, politicians in this city/state/country don’t think transit riders vote. It is really disadvantageous though when a group like ANSWER, who is suppose to be speaking for the poor and working class, take such a horrible stance against the very people they should be working to help.

  • Another note in that Examiner article. I think this may be the first time I’ve seen them mention the fact that a lot of the MUNI deficit can be attributed to be robbed by the state.

    “The fare increases — which also include $2 hikes to the department’s tourist-friendly Passport passes — are projected to generate $4.85 million for Muni, which has lost about $180 million in state transit funding over the past 2½ years.”

    Also, if they can raise the rate of a fast pass $15 in the last 6 months, tell me they can raise the rate of an annual parking permit the same amount.