Video of 19-Polk Bus Crash Shows Both Drivers Running Stops

The MTA has released DriveCam video of a crash involving a 19-Polk bus and a pickup truck on De Haro and 18th Streets in Potrero Hill early yesterday morning that left seven people injured. The press release from spokesperson Judson True said "the video appears to show that the Muni bus rolled through its STOP sign on De Haro Street and the truck ran its STOP sign."

We’ve had difficulty downloading the Mac-unfriendly file that shows the crash from several different camera angles but our friends at the SF Appeal have it.

The video shows that the operator was going about 8 miles an hour — the average speed for a Muni bus — when the crash happened, which True describes as rolling. The operator has been placed on non-driving status pending the outcome of a police investigation. More coverage at SF Gate.

  • In the SF appeal video that truck had to have been going 25+ mph. Wow. No excuse that the driver did a break tap at the stop sign, but he had to have figured that car was going to at least slow down.

  • Finally a Muni camera that works. I wrongly blamed Muni on the sfgate comment section. The truck was running the stop crazily fast.

  • zsolt

    Looks like the pickup’s fault, though the Muni driver is a tad too liberal with the stop sign as well…

  • Motor vehicles running of stop signs / stop lights … my number one fear when walking between my home, work, and other spots downtown.

  • I have done a frame by frame analysis on the collison video below

    It clearly shows that the bus has the right of way and the truck is at fault. Most articles characterize this as both driver has ran stop sign, implying they were equally at fault. I think this is very misleading. A fair reporting should unambigously call out the truck has caused this accident.

  • That truck was completely at fault. Had the bus fully stopped and proceeded, the bus probably would have T-boned the truck (instead of the opposite) with the truck driver ending up in serious condition.

    Jamie, I fear that too. Walking around North Beach is always a risky proposition. There are tons of people walking, but drivers (especially cabs) feel the need to come flying up to every intersection and stop half way, if not all the way, across the cross walk. I usually wait until they come to a complete stop, make eye contact, and then walk. Last night I had to yell at a lady that the line is there for a reason – she just gave me a blank stare. This is my life we are talking about here, and they just want to save a precious 3 secs.

  • no

    that’s non-driving status, with pay and full benefits, right?

  • Paul Erna

    Distracted..It’s more than the deaths, we have 416,000 people injured every year Look at the numbers


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