Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Chief Nat Ford to Get Pay Cut; New Contract to Be Voted On Today (SF Examiner, City Insider)
  • Rules Committee to Hear Supervisor Elsbernd’s Muni Salary Proposal This Week (The Snitch)
  • SF Examiner: "Parking Permit Hike Seen as Unfair by Residents"
  • MTA’s New Taxi Medallion Plan to Be Introduced Today (City Insider)
  • Market Street Railway Opposes F-Line Fare Increase in Open Letter to Nat Ford
  • D6 Supes Candidate on Transbay Terminal Dispute and "Pointless" Beale St. Study (Fog City Journal)
  • High-Speed Rail Meeting to Be Held in Palo Alto This Week (Merc)
  • Bicycle Advocates Push for West Span Bay Bridge Bike Path; Vote Set for Jan. 27th (KCBS)
  • Bicyclists Take First Ride Down a Smooth JFK Drive in GG Park (BIKE NOPA)
  • Coco Times Editorial Blasts Governor’s "Gas Tax Shell Game"
  • Governor’s Proposal to Install Speeding Cams for Drivers Under Attack (Merc)
  • Retired Engineer and Longtime Civic Activist Norm Rolfe Dies (San Francisco FYI)
  • Despite Rain and Funding Controversy, Freedom Train to SF Rolls On (Oak Trib)
  • Las Vegas Monorail Company Files for Bankruptcy Protection (Las Vegas Sun

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  • Leave it to the Examiner to find a few people bitching about a $20 PER YEAR increase to their parking permit. Wow, I am speechless. MUNI Fast Passes have gone up more then $20 PER MONTH. If you want to own a car in a dense urban environment then PAY FOR IT!

  • CACuzcatlan

    They should raise it until it covers the shortfall. Raise the permit fee by $165 and then they wont have to cut any more lines or raise prices any more. The total would be around $240 per year, which is about $20 per month. 1/3rd of what a muni pass costs.

  • I think we can all agree that a great source of funding would be the Residential Permits, but until the state changes the law – our hands are tied. But SF should take the fight on. Parking here is different then parking in Menlo Park.