Today’s Headlines

  • SF Weekly Wonders Whether Twitter Can Save Muni
  • MTA Board to Hold Townhall Meeting Tonight, Several Dates in Future (SF Gate)
  • Accused Muni Stabber’s Prosecution Goes Forward (CBS)
  • Teamsters Upset Over Caltrans Parking Will Pamphlet on Muni (CBS) (KCBS)
  • SF Mayor Gavin Newsom Upset by Audi "Green Police" Super Bowl Ad (NBC)
  • Yosemite Slough Bridge Seen by Some As Vital for Hunters Point Development (Examiner)
  • Peninsula High Speed Rail Opponents Try to Reopen Failed Lawsuit (CoCo Times)
  • Money Runs Short for Caltrain Crossing Guards at Palo Alto Station (Merc)
  • Berkeley Study Links Auto Exhaust to Increased Heart Disease (KCBS)
  • News Doesn’t Get Better for Toyota, Massive Recall (SF Gate) (SF Gate)

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  • “Peninsula High Speed Rail Opponents Try to Reopen Failed Lawsuit”

    It is not accurate to describe it as a ‘failed’ lawsuit. The judge agreed with plaintiffs that the preferred route into San Jose was, in fact, infeasible. The EIR has now been withdrawn. Moreover, it has now been discovered that the authority fudged the ridership model for the EIR.

  • Wait, so there is no EIR for the San Jose to SF section right now? And every public works project – road or transit – fudges ridership numbers.

  • 5 Gunn students dead, and the Palo Altans keep fighting a project that would bring grade separation, preferring crossing guards they have run out of money to pay, and demanding that Caltrain slow the trains to 5 MPH. This is the home of Stanford?

  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    Wow are they really demanding that Caltrain slow to 5MPH? As if being hit by a 5MPH train won’t kill you?

    On the “Green Police” ad it’s annoying that NBC spins San Francisco’s recycling mandate as silly or infamous. It has been hugely successful in meeting its stated goal of forcing large landlords to provide green bins for their tenants. The amount of compostable food waste collected in the city has roughly doubled since the law was announced.

  • @StreetsblogSF, I like your twitter reply to Newsom about the Audi commercial.

  • ZA

    @John Murphy – the Standford Linear Decelerator.