Today’s Headlines

  • Bicyclist Injured in Crash at Fell/Masonic; Taxi Driver Apparently Ran Red Light (BIKE NOPA)
  • Pedestrian Killed by Driver on Highway 87-280 Connector Ramp (Merc
  • Another Crash Injuring Pedestrian Prompts "Outreach Campaign" by SR Police (Press Democrat)
  • Matier & Ross: "West Dublin Costs Soar as BART Scraps Walkways" 
  • Chronicle Article Details TWU Concessions with Muni: "Could Cost More in Long Run"
  • Controller’s Study to Be Released on How Muni Can Shave $2 Million in Work Orders (SF Exam)
  • Mayor Celebrates 175th Bike Rack Installed Since Partial Injunction Lifting (SF Exam)
  • More on the FTA’s Letter Rejecting Stim Funds for OAC from Transbay Blog and Living in the O
  • GG Bridge Directors Approve Suicide Barrier and Carpool Toll Outreach (BCN via CBS5, Marin IJ)
  • Yglesias: Transit Service, Not HSR, Gives You the Best Bang for Your Transpo Stimulus Buck
  • Kaid Benfield: Vancouver’s Olympic Village Deserves a Medal for Walkable, Sustainable Development

The Streetsblog SF crew is taking the day off for the holiday. We’ll see you back here tomorrow.