Today’s Headlines

  • Bicyclist Injured in Crash at Fell/Masonic; Taxi Driver Apparently Ran Red Light (BIKE NOPA)
  • Pedestrian Killed by Driver on Highway 87-280 Connector Ramp (Merc
  • Another Crash Injuring Pedestrian Prompts "Outreach Campaign" by SR Police (Press Democrat)
  • Matier & Ross: "West Dublin Costs Soar as BART Scraps Walkways" 
  • Chronicle Article Details TWU Concessions with Muni: "Could Cost More in Long Run"
  • Controller’s Study to Be Released on How Muni Can Shave $2 Million in Work Orders (SF Exam)
  • Mayor Celebrates 175th Bike Rack Installed Since Partial Injunction Lifting (SF Exam)
  • More on the FTA’s Letter Rejecting Stim Funds for OAC from Transbay Blog and Living in the O
  • GG Bridge Directors Approve Suicide Barrier and Carpool Toll Outreach (BCN via CBS5, Marin IJ)
  • Yglesias: Transit Service, Not HSR, Gives You the Best Bang for Your Transpo Stimulus Buck
  • Kaid Benfield: Vancouver’s Olympic Village Deserves a Medal for Walkable, Sustainable Development

The Streetsblog SF crew is taking the day off for the holiday. We’ll see you back here tomorrow.

  • Nick

    The Fell and Masonic crash illustates a fundamental problem with bicycle infrastructure in the city. There has never been a rapid response by the MTA to known safety issues.

    These are people’s lives that are at stake. I hope that girl is ok. You can’t quantify the importance of that through endless reports or studies.

  • julia

    the officer quoted in the Bike Nopa article is out of his mind:

    “Wong said that the bicyclist might have had some responsibility if she entered the crosswalk once the countdown had begun.* “If the light starts flashing and the countdown begins, you’re responsible. The countdown is meant for people already in the crosswalk.””

    The countdown on that intersection is 15 seconds. even if it was 5 seconds, a cyclist could easily cross it. This poor woman has ZERO responsibility for a car deciding to run a red light.

  • So is Officer Wong implying that it’s okay to run red lights and hit someone as long as the pedestrian or bicyclist enters the crosswalk while the countdown light is flashing? This is patently absurd. This was not a normal turn-left-on-a-green-light-when-there-is-a-gap-in-traffic situation. It was a RED light. Drivers at this intersection are not allowed to turn left on a RED, period. If the taxi driver ran a RED light, the taxi driver is at fault, period. The bicyclist does not share any responsibility. Ignorance is not an excuse–taxi drivers especially should know where and when they can legally turn left in this city. In my opinion, the taxi driver’s license should be suspended for a year, and Officer Wong should apologize for his incredibly poor analysis of this accident.