Today’s Headlines

  • $70 Million in Redirected OAC Funds "Barely Nicks" Bay Area Transit (SF Gate)
  • SF Examiner: Muni "Driver Salaries Fueling Deficit" 
  • The Examiner Also Looks at Muni’s Crash Rate and 9 High-Profile Crashes in 2010
  • Layoffs Hit Sacramento Regional Transit; Up to 300 Workers Let Go (Sac Bee)
  • Sac Bee Editorial Bemoans the Massive Cuts to Sac RT
  • Barbara Boxer Pledges to Accelerate Transit Projects in Los Angeles (Streetsblog LA)
  • Siemens Plans Expansion at Its Sacramento Light-Rail Plant (Sac Bee)
  • Transbay Blog Examines Supervisor David Chiu’s Garage Legislation; Vote Tomorrow 
  • Mechanical Problem Temporarily Halts BART Service from Concord to Pleasant Hill (SF Gate)
  • Three Arrested in Shooting, Hit-and-Run That Killed North Beach Pedestrian (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Did Jane Jacobs Ruin New York? (City Room)

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  • @SF Examiner – “Prisons, police, fire, prison guards salaries fueling state budget deficit”

    Oh, I misread that. Oops.

  • @City Room, I just put the book on hold at the library so I look forward to reading it. However, SF, just like NYC, have become playgrounds for the rich because the rest of the country is building crap. This makes the few places that are livable very expensive. If you took what Jane Jacobs had in mind and put that across the entire US, then we’d still have “middle class working families” (what does that even mean? just typing that makes me want to puke) living in our dense urban areas. Instead, through cheap gas and huge gov’t subsidies we have tracts and tracts of shit out in the hinterlands nice and “cheap” for those who can’t afford it.