SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Creeks, dunes and watersheds: A short history of San Francisco’s waterscape

"Urban development has changed the waterscape of San Francisco more dramatically than anywhere else in the state, from a natural creek- and dune-scape to today’s modern sewersheds. Christopher Richard of the Oakland Museum will take us on guided photo tour, with historical maps and photographs, uncovering the unique features of San Francisco’s primeval waterscape and how the city used and abused the many creeks and lakes as it grew. Richard’s presentation will feature the remaining free-running creeks in San Francisco, which you can visit."


SPUR Walking Tour: Albion Castle

"The Albion Castle in Hunter’s Point was originally built as a brewery in 1870 atop freshwater springs. Its original brewmaster dug 300-foot caverns in its basement to serve as reservoirs. For 20 years after Prohibition, the water was supplied to San Francisco for drinking. The castle has fallen in and out of repair over the […]

Water in the urban landscape

From SPUR: Recognized as leaders in the planning and development of beautiful, innovative land and waterscape developments, Charles Brucker of Atelier Dreiseitl and Jon Schleuning of SRG Partnership will share new ideas in sustainable development and team integration. A range of scales will be examined, from the San Francisco Urban Watershed Framework to the University of Washington’s […]