Today’s Headlines

  • Tougher Hands-Free, Texting Cell Phone Law in Ca. Would Include Bicyclists (Merc)
  • Press Democrat Piece on Senior Drivers Quotes 89-year-old: "Pedestrians Scare Me to Death"
  • Businesses in Transit-Rich Mission District "Rage" Against Sunday Metering (Mission Loc@l)
  • High-Speed Rail Opponents Pack "Heated" Menlo Park Meeting (Merc)
  • Youth Commission Pressuring MTA Not to Raise Price of Youth Fast Pass (SF Examiner)
  • Muni Drivers Union Wants Charter Amendment Proposal to Go Away Before Revote (City Insider)
  • Muni Hires a New Director of Transit from Houston’s MTA (City Insider)
  • SFPD Issues 14 Citations to Illegal Red Light Runners at Fell/Masonic (BIKE NOPA
  • Still No Suspect in Hit-and-Run That Killed Cloverdale Teen a Year Ago (Press Democrat)
  • Governor’s Gas Tax Scheme Put on Hold (LA Times)
  • Plan Aims to Reestablish Cloverdale as a Transit-Oriented City (Press Democrat)
  • San Jose State Getting a Few New Bike Racks (Spartan Daily)
  • London Needs 27,000 Bike Parking Spots. Now. (IBL)
  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    Those seniors in Sonoma are part of the generation who spent their entire lives dismantling the public transportation system so they could live the automotive American suburban dream. Now that they are fossils, they reap the consequences.

    “One time I didn’t drive and took the bus and it took forever,” Moore said.

    That’s how the rest of us feel, every day!

  • “Businesses in Transit-Rich Mission District “Rage” Against Sunday Metering”

    Sounds like a cut and past boycott flier to me…

  • Jon Beckham

    Is there any good reason reaction time and hand-eye coordination isn’t used as a driving-capability test? Does it matter if a driver is drunk, high or too old to be safe?

  • John Murphy, I was thinking the same thing. They did a pretty nice google mash-up of the businesses that said they’d oppose Sunday metering so won’t be hard to just keep walking right on by.

    @JWB, agreed. Tell them thanks for building everything so god damn far apart to appease the car need of their generation. Now we have to live with the shit their generation built – not to mention undo all the planning codes that make it illegal to build anything sensible. I’m sorry, but driving is not a right, it is a privilege. And when it gets to be too dangerous for them to be behind the wheel, then they have to live with the consequences of the world they’ve chosen to build for the last 70 years, we have to.

  • This video is awesome.

    North Beach take note of 2:25. What do you see? I see garage doors and No Parking signs all over the densest neighborhood on the west coast.