Today’s Headlines

  • Overflow Crowd Expected for Today’s MTA Board Meeting on Muni Budget (City Insider)
  • Steve Jones: "Muni Cuts Spark Popular Backlash" (SFBG)
  • KALW on March Against Muni Organizers: "Callow, Uninformed and Full of Righteous Fury"
  • Supervisor Chris Daly Wants Study of Dangerous Intersections (SF Examiner)
  • BART Trying to Figure Out How to Close $14 Million Budget Gap (SF Gate)
  • Chip Johnson: "Unequal Parking Just Another Oakland Failure" (SF Gate)
  • More on Oakland Parking Enforcement Revelations from SF Gate, ABC7 and CBS5
  • Pedestrian Hit and Killed by Caltrain in Mountain View (Merc, SF Gate)
  • Suspects in North Beach Hit-and-Run That Killed Art Student Appear in Court (SF Gate)
  • City of San Jose Seeks Input on Streetlights (Merc)
  • Cyclists Happy as Steiner Street Along The Wiggle Gets Repaved (BIKE NOPA)
  • Amman, Jordan Fostering Citizenship One Sidewalk at a Time (NYT)
  • @KALW – Awesome. Thank you. And the quotes at the end really made my day. It is nice to laugh when you just want to hit your head against the wall.

  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    Regarding the parking fiasco in Oakland, an important detail has been omitted. In the unenforced areas in question, there are in general no sidewalks. There’s no sidewalks on Broadway Terrace above CA-13, and in Montclair there are two sidewalks, one on Thornhill and one on La Salle, that consist of a line painted on the street. How anybody could “park on the sidewalk” in either of these neighborhoods is beyond me.