SPUR Lunchtime Forum: The City Budget: Dealing with the deficit

"San Francisco faces yet another budget deficit in the hundreds of millions of dollars. What will we do to close that gap? What services will be cut and what new revenues could be found? Are there any opportunities for savings by restructuring the way our local government works? Join us for a sneak preview of the key issues in the upcoming budget discussion. We will be joined by Greg Wagner, the Mayor’s Office Budget Director and Ben Rosenfield, City Controller."


The MTA’s Lack of Transparency Over a Worsening Budget Deficit

MTA Chief Nat Ford should come clean about the budget deficit. Listed under the MTA Board’s agenda, on the agency’s antiquated website, is a link titled "Know Your Rights Under the Sunshine Ordinance." "Government’s duty is to serve the public," it says, "reaching its decision in full view of the public." It’s an ironic juxtaposition […]

MTA Budget Hearing Today

Flickr photo: Steve Rhodes The MTA holds its first public hearing today on its proposals to raise fares, fines, fees and reduce service. The agency is facing a $129 million deficit and proposing eliminating up to nine bus routes and reducing service on at least 29 other routes. The hearing is part of the MTA […]