Breaking News: Pedestrian Killed at 4th and King This Morning

This morning just after 5 am a pedestrian was killed when a tractor-trailer hit another truck, sending that vehicle careening into the victim. Details are still scant, but major media outlets report the fatal incident has backed up traffic on Northbound I-280 and delayed Muni lines that pass through the intersection. ABC7 Traffic Anchor Frances Dinglasan has tweeted a few details, though:

  • "Confirmed FATAL
    accident on King St. at 4th. N280 offramp to king st closed until 9AM.
    King onramp to sb280 open." – 7:20 am
  • "In SF: a
    pedestrian got pinned under a pickup truck when it spun out of control
    after being hit by a garbage truck at King st. & 4th st." – 7:12 am
  • "SF: NB 280 King St
    off ramp CLOSED until 9AM for major inj acc. NB King Closed from 280
    to ATT park. But, SB King open to SB280" –
    7:11 am

KCBS radio anchor Stan Bunger has tweeted that Muni N-Judah service has been restored through 3rd and King. 

Thanks to Streetsblog reader Mike Sonn for the early tip. If anyone has more details, please post in the comments. We’ll provide updates if we get them.

UPDATE 9:15 am: Several outlets are now reporting that the pedestrian who was struck and killed was standing on or near the Muni platform at 4th and King. The driver of the pick-up truck that was hit by the tractor-trailer and spun into the victim is being detained for further questioning.

  • Oh no, it was a pedestrian?

  • Nick

    We really need physical barricades at all boarding islands. Some MUNI island have them, others don’t. Take a close look at how bent and crashed into some of them are. And what if they were not there to lessen the impact? How many more citizens would die.

  • JohnB

    Turns out the truck driver was drunk, and has been arrested.

    This is bad.

  • Not that it necessarily would’ve prevented this accident, but I’d like to see a 4-way STOP sign set up prior to 4th Street for northbound 280 exiting drivers and a 20MPH speed limit throughout downtown San Francisco. BUT … SFMTA is so completely negligent when it comes to protecting everybody (that’s pedestrians), I won’t hold my breath.


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