Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Board Will Consider How to Spend $36 Million in State Funds (Examiner)
  • Muni Surveillance Cameras Help Capture Assault Suspect (BCN via Appeal)
  • AC Transit Service Cuts Go Into Effect Over Weekend (KCBS, SF Gate)
  • Argument on AC Transit Bus Ends in Fatal Shooting (SF Gate)
  • Golden Gate Transit to Face Service Cuts, Changes (KCBS)
  • Caltrain Looks to Attract More Cyclists (Examiner)
  • Caltrain Will Clear Environmental Review for Electrification (CoCo Times)
  • Will BART Police Civilian Oversight Board Be Effective? (Oak Trib)
  • Weekend Protests Draw Attention to SF’s Sit/Lie Proposal (KCBS)
  • The Folly of Licensing Bicycle Riders (Copenhagenize)
  • How Welcoming Are Bay Area Cities for Elderly Cyclists? (KALW)
  • Berkeley Firm Wants City to Daylight Underground Creek (Oak Trib)
  • Study Finds Train Horns on Peninsula Not Too Loud (SF Gate, KCBS)
  • Boy Playing in Hayward Parking Lot Killed by SUV (CBS, ABC)
  • Northgate Mall Low-Emission Vehicle Parking Spaces Nixed (Marin IJ)
  • Economy’s Impact on Transit Systems is Dire (Fast Lane)
  • Electric Cars and Bikes Lead to Worldwide Hunt for Lithium (Copenhagenize)
  • The Alliance for Bicycling and Walking has put out a 2010 Benchmark Report on bicycling and walking in the U.S. The report includes some nice charts and graphics. Basically they show that if more money is invested into biking and walking, levels of biking and walking increase, biking and walking safety increases, and people become healthier. None of this will be a surprise to bicycle advocates, but having hard data to prove the obvious can sometimes be helpful.

    Some findings:

    “As this report shows, where bicycling and walking levels are higher, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes levels are lower. Higher levels of bicycling and walking also coincide with increased bicycle and pedestrian safety and higher levels of physical activity.”


    “Case studies show that the countries and cities that invest the most in bicycling and walking have higher bicycling and walking mode share, and are safer places to bicycle and walk. As this report shows, the U.S. overall has great disparities between bicycling and walking mode share, safety, and funding. Ten percent of trips are by bicycle or foot, yet bicyclists and pedestrians make up over 13% of traffic fatalities and receive just 1.2% of federal transportation dollars. An international comparison of bicycle funding and mode share by Gotschi and Mills and Rails to Trails Conservancy found that international cities that invest greater amounts per capita into bicycling have greater levels of bicycling. These cities provide strong evidence that in order to increase bicycling and walking, the U.S. must invest more heavily in these modes.”

  • I missed that story on Caltrain yesterday. Now that I’m taking my bike everyday, I’m seeing the ebb and flow on the bike car. I have a feeling in the next couples of weeks (once this little rain spat passes) that the bike car will be at capacity on my ride home for the remainder of the summer.

    I think Warm Planet is a great resource, and I use it when I can. Suggestion though (and this is mainly for my benefit so take it with a grain of salt), I’d like to see them open 10-20 min earlier at 6:50 or 6:40 because there is a 6:59 bullet train that could use the bike parking.

    That said, Caltrain has done a lot, but I also believe there is huge latent demand for more bike facilities.