Today’s Headlines

  • Caltrain Faces Serious Funding Crisis, Could Cut Nights and Weekends (Merc, CBS)
  • Pedestrian Killed By Caltrain Near San Bruno Station (ABC)
  • Planning Commission Takes No Position on Sit/Lie, Newsom Pushes On (ABC)
  • Sit/Lie Law Could Conflict with Pavement to Parks Plazas and Parklets (Examiner)
  • SF to Extend Parking Meter Hours on Evenings and Sundays (KCBS)
  • Chronicle Op-Ed: High Speed Rail Will Take Persistence and Leadership
  • Chronicle Op-Ed: Go Slowly with High Speed Rail 
  • Chronicle Op-Ed: High Speed Rail Will Never Be Built
  • Peninsula Lawmakers Seek Red Light Probe (CBS)
  • Feds Announce New Gas Mileage Rules (AP via
    , Merc)
  • City of Portland Releases Instructional Cycle Track Video (Bike Portland)

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  • Are you guys going to be writing a full story about the potential Caltrain cuts? I know so many who have given up cars to ride Caltrain (I don’t own a car period because of Caltrain), and this is really going to hurt us.

  • Sean

    I would also love to have a story about the potential Caltrain cuts. Awareness really needs to build for Caltrain’s sake. We need a dedicated funding source.

  • Yeah, this is awful news. The Caltrain spokesperson went so far as to call into question Caltrain’s continued existence.

  • Said it before, I’ll say it again: the state and the MTC will not get me into a car, no matter how hard they try. That being said, if I lose caltrain it’s time to look for a new job.

    And the caltrain board sounds like the MTA. Oh no, don’t give yourself a ballot measure that could raise funds, it’s a recession. Has this whole country gone mad?