Today’s Headlines

  • BART Won’t Face Fare Hikes, Service Cuts (Examiner,
    CBS, NBC, Oak Trib, KCBS)
  • High Speed Rail Authority to Release Detailed Plans Thursday (SF Gate, NBC, Merc)
  • SFMTA Budget Still Faces Large Hurdles (SF
  • More on Departure of SFMTA Safety Chief (SF
    , SF
  • More Than 300 Crimes on Muni in 3 Months (Examiner)
  • Caltrain Passenger Tased on Rowdy Train (ABC)
  • North Beach Plaza Still Short on Funds (Examiner)
  • Sonoma Tax Group Calls for Audit of SMART Financials (Marin IJ)
  • Quantity of Abandoned Cars Dropping in Oakland (Oakbook)
  • CA Example for Controlling Emissions Nationally (SF
    , SF Gate)
  • Survey Shows Americans Want More Mobility Options (Fast Lane)
  • “More Than 300 Crimes on Muni in 3 Months”

    Good thing we are paying the police force to patrol MUNI.

  • I’d say more SFPD on MUNI would be good, as long as they don’t get tasers (cue up Chief ‘I bike the Marina’ Gascon on tasers).

    See BART cops and (most recently, seen above) Caltrain cops tasing people (on caltrain they tased an innocent bystander as well). Can you imagine how many unruly people would be tased on MUNI? Good you might say, they deserve it. But I for one now shudder when I see BART cops when I ride BART now, and the same will now be true when I see the Sam Mateo County Sheriffs on Caltrain.

  • should be, ‘What happens to a society when…’

  • Justin, I always get that feeling too when I see sheriffs on Caltrain – even once with drug dogs. And with baseball season starting up, the idiot factor is going to go up 100 fold on Caltrain so it’ll get interesting. I’ll take refuge in the bike car and hope the party stays away.

    But yeah, you make a good point. I was just saying that we pay them to ride the buses and they obviously don’t. I’m not saying I want them on MUNI and your points only solidify that.

  • @mikesonn – during Giants season when the regular cars fill up, the early 20’s crowd settles in on the floor of the bike car with regularity. Drunk, young, but frankly fairly civil. At least they aren’t driving (drunk!), and they are putting coins in Caltrain’s piggy bank.

  • @John, Cool with me if they are civil. It’s just that I see more loud, obnoxious bay area teens then quite ones when it comes to Caltrain during baseball season.

  • *quiet