Today’s Headlines

  • SF Transit Advocate Sues to Stop Muni Service Cuts (SF Gate, Examiner)
  • Board of Ed Asks Muni for Lifeline Youth Fast Pass for Low-Income Kids (Examiner)
  • SFMTA Could Ask Supes to Weigh in on Sunday Metering (Examiner)
  • Part IV of Sue Vaughn’s Series, "Minding Muni" (FCJ)
  • San Francisco Considers Installing LED Streetlights (Examiner)
  • The Challenge of Funding Transportation Projects (KCBS)
  • More Grumbling About HSR from Peninsula Critics (Merc)
  • Drivers Love Pedestrian Countdown Signals (Merc)
  • Golden Gate Bridge Considers All-Electronic Tolls (CBS, ABC, Marin IJ,
  • Bike Polo Detente Arranged: New Polo "Fields" Found in the Mission (NBC)
  • Local Cyclist Rides Across Country to Raise $3M For Cancer (ABC)
  • Cycling Should Be Dull: No More Lycra Racers and Car Cultists (Times UK)
  • Nick

    Re: Advocates use CEQA to stop MUNI service cuts.

    Isn’t this the same form of obstructionism that Mr. Anderson used and everyone complained about as being an inappropriate use of the law’s intent?

  • Not really. Rob was suing because he felt the EIR wasn’t sufficient enough. SFMTA is just using their “fiscal emergency” (and I use that word loosely) to justify unheard of cuts without having to produce an EIR.

  • @mikesonn Anderson sued because they didn’t do an EIR in the first place. Now he’s appealing the EIR as insufficient.

  • Oh ok. I didn’t know it was a two step thing. I thought it was just because it was insufficient.