Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA CEO Ford Allegedly Excoriates Staff for Revealing Mayor’s Muni Micromanaging (The Snitch)
  • Audit of Muni Work Orders Due This Week (Examiner)
  • Proposed Bill Would Allow City to Install Red-Light Camera at Market and Octavia (Examiner)
  • Muni Bus Driver Assaulted on 9-San Bruno (CBS5)
  • Copper Wire Theft Led to N-Judah Delay Last Friday (CBS5)
  • Police Arrest Veteran Muni Pickpocket (KGO)
  • Candlestick-Hunters Point Plan Faces Skepticism from Planning Commission (SF Gate)
  • MTC Seeking Applicants for Bike Commuter of the Year Award (Examiner)
  • San Mateo County Encouraging Bike Commuting with Workshops (Examiner)
  • City of San Mateo Considers Tweaking Its Parking Meter Enforcement Rules (Examiner)
  • Sacto Police Spokesperson: Cyclist Death Nothing Other Than "A Tragic Accident" (SacBee)

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Capitol Hill

  • Re: Ford & SF Weekly

    Ho-ho-holy s#*t. So glad to hear he read that and took it so seriously. Not exactly the most responsible reaction though.

  • Aaron, the question now becomes – did he read the content or just the fact that some people “snitched”?

  • Nick

    Here’s one comment for 2 news items:

    Re: SF Weekly’s exposee of making deficits palatable and the Copper Theft in the Sunset Tunnel.


    That’s the price of a Fast Pass (notice how they stopped printing the price on it?) and the approximate dollar amount that the copper was worth in scrap (30 feet of wire weighing approximately 30 pounds, at $2 a pound).