Today’s Headlines

  • Mayor Newsom Begrudgingly Considers Sunday Meter Parking, Predicts Failure (SF Gate)
  • Alioto-Pier Puts Roadblock in Way of F-Line Expansion in Marina (Examiner)
  • Elsbernd, TWU Debate Muni Operator Pay and Work Rules Tonight (Examiner)
  • 8 Hurt in 19th Avenue Red-Light Running Crash (CBS, Examiner)
  • Detailed Story on the Bay Bridge (60 Minutes)
  • Oakland Truckers Finding Environmental Filters to Be Expensive (CoCo Times)
  • Oakland’s Annual Pothole Blitz Begins (CoCo Times)
  • Carpool Lane Hybrid Perk Could End Soon (NBC)
  • US DOT’s LaHood And Lance Agree: People Want Bike Infrastructure (Fast Lane)
  • Is Carrying Someone on Your Bike Illegal? (Bike Portland)
  • @Newsome, OMG! A 90-trial? The horror! The horror!
    Pretty sure Newsome promised giving on the parking meters when he made a backroom deal last April/May with the supes to get the MTA budget passed. Then, obviously, he back peddled on it.

    Alioto-Pier, go away. Please, just go away. Go far away.

  • Oops, meant Newsom. Not that he deserves to have his name spelled correctly.

  • Can we petition the Chron to drop this bozo? My god.

  • Wait a minute. Marin Commuters are now going to drive to the Marina and take the F downtown, instead of driving to the Ferry and taking the Ferry downtown? That makes no sense. Financially it would be a pretty close call after adding up only gas, bridge toll, and MUNI fare vs Ferry fare. Timewise, it’s a no-brainer, the Ferry does not sit in traffic. Ever. And the rate of failwhale on the posh Ferry is much much lower than the F line. And it runs on an actual schedule.

  • I don’t know if anyone remembers, but she suggested before that there should be a study to extend the Central Subway line under Lombard I believe into the Marina. It seems to me this would create more of a commute problem than the F Line extension. Some people just don’t get it.

  • The impact of the Fort Mason extension on traffic is exactly what the environmental study which Alioto-Pier denied funding for is intended to discover. If there were the project would need to address them to continue, but there’s a much simpler smell test for this NIMBY fear of Marin commuters:

    Is there a problem today with Marin commuters going through that whole ordeal murphstahoe spelt out of driving halfway through SF but parking in the Marina to take the 30 or 30X downtown? Why would a trolley located even further from Lombard change that?

    The whole extension project is a pretty good bargain for San Francisco (comparatively: $53 million is still a lot of money, but only a fraction the cost of a subway) since most the money so has been fronted by the NPS, they’re spending $1.4 million on this study compared to the $500,000 we’re being asked to kick in. For some segment of Marina residents who live close to Fort Mason the historic streetcars would provide a closer and faster trip downtown than the 30-Stockton because it travels mostly on a dedicated right-of-way until the Ferry Building while the 30 gets stuck in mixed traffic through North Beach and Chinatown. It will be an even better option once the Central Subway opens service on the 30 is reduced to nudge riders onto the subway.

    For a price comparison, the $1 million for a ramp in city hall Supervisor Alioto-Pier wanted in order to make an unused podium ADA accessible is twice what is needed to complete the study.

  • Alioto-Pier is pushing the subway extension because that is the narrative. Yes, the T-Third sucks, but just wait for the 2nd phace (central subway). Yes, the central subway doesn’t serve Chinatown or North Beach well, but wait until it goes to the Wharf. Yes, the Wharf extension didn’t do what we hoped, but wait until it gets to the Marina!

    She is in Pelosi’s back pocket and giving the false impression to the voters that someday (soon) the subway will reach the Marina is a flat out lie. And Jamie is right, the F line extension is almost imperative considering how much the 30 is going to be cut once the central subway is completed. One more note, I couldn’t agree more with murphstahoe – if (and that is a big if) a person from Marin is going to take public transit, they are hopping on the ferry. They are not going to put up with driving down 101, across the bridge, pay a toll, and deal with Doyle Drive only to stop in the Marina to hop on the F line extension.

    Alito-Pier is just flat out anti-transit. The central subway is a political ploy and that is the only reason she is supporting it.

  • Let’s not forget the root cause here either: the project can’t go ahead because they are not able to come up with the $1,900,000 that CEQA requires them to waste. Efforts at greening our state’s infrastructure are just going to be bogged down further and further if CEQA is not repealed soon!