Today’s Headlines

  • Matier and Ross Take Anti-Transit Angle on MTC Report (SF Gate)
  • More Coverage of the Muni Work Order Audit (KCBS, SF Gate, Examiner)
  • Examiner Argues that Family Members of Muni Drivers Riding Free Costs System
  • Muni to Consider Revenue Benefits of Bus Wrap Advertising (Examiner)
  • Muni Security Increased After Copper Theft (Examiner)
  • Chinatown Business Restores Banksy Street Art After Taggers Deface It (SFist)
  • No Left Turn from Masonic to Golden Gate Clears Hearing Hurdle (Bike NOPA)
  • Cyclist Killed in North Oakland Crash (CoCo Times)
  • Voter Initiative to Repeal Climate Change Bill AB 32 Makes November Ballot (SF Gate)

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  • Nick

    Re: Cyclist killed in North Oakland crash

    It’s easy to forget, but this is what it’s all about. Not dying while you’re out there on the streets.

    There has been a change over the past few years to downplay the fact that cycling is indeed a “dangerous hobby.” It’s imperative that people remind themselves constantly that their safety is their own responsibility.

    SF used to average 2-3 bike deaths a year prior to 2005. The last I remember was the person out on Cesar Chavez that got killed and then the 2 unsolved homicides against cyclists (Richmond district and OMI).

  • Nick, it’s not a “dangerous hobby”, it’s my way of life. But yes, people need to be reminded that it is dangerous because the roads weren’t designed with us in mind and drivers value seconds saved over our safety.