Today’s Headlines

Market_St_Jeep_crash.jpgMarket Street crash yesterday. Photo: Katie Doze/SF Appeal
  • Chiu Calls for Possible Rejection of SFMTA Budget (SF Appeal)
  • Muni Ad Wraps Approved (Examiner)
  • Taxi Medallion Sale Forecast Lowered (Examiner)
  • Bizarre Market Street Car Crash Leads to Minor Injuries (SF Appeal, NBC, Examiner)
  • Electric Caltrain Could Slow Commute for Many (Merc)
  • Peninsula Critics Pay French Company to Study Alternate HSR Routes (KCBS, Merc)
  • Fremont Wants to Leave Sidewalk and Tree Maintenance to Residents (ABC)
  • Spare the Air Days Begin in Bay Area (CoCo Times)
  • 4th Bore Caldecott Tunnel Construction Underway (ABC)
  • Porn Scandal Shakes Up SF Planning Dept (SF Gate, SF Weekly)
  • Profiles of Women Who Ride Bicycles (Bike
    , Bikes
    and the City
  • Rate of Swedish Children Cycling Decreases as Helmet Promotion
    Increases (Copenhagenize)
  • Judge Rules CA Can Take Local Redevelopment Funds (Examiner, AP via CoCo Times, Sac Bee)