Today’s Headlines

Market_St_Jeep_crash.jpgMarket Street crash yesterday. Photo: Katie Doze/SF Appeal
  • Chiu Calls for Possible Rejection of SFMTA Budget (SF Appeal)
  • Muni Ad Wraps Approved (Examiner)
  • Taxi Medallion Sale Forecast Lowered (Examiner)
  • Bizarre Market Street Car Crash Leads to Minor Injuries (SF Appeal, NBC, Examiner)
  • Electric Caltrain Could Slow Commute for Many (Merc)
  • Peninsula Critics Pay French Company to Study Alternate HSR Routes (KCBS, Merc)
  • Fremont Wants to Leave Sidewalk and Tree Maintenance to Residents (ABC)
  • Spare the Air Days Begin in Bay Area (CoCo Times)
  • 4th Bore Caldecott Tunnel Construction Underway (ABC)
  • Porn Scandal Shakes Up SF Planning Dept (SF Gate, SF Weekly)
  • Profiles of Women Who Ride Bicycles (Bike
    , Bikes
    and the City
  • Rate of Swedish Children Cycling Decreases as Helmet Promotion
    Increases (Copenhagenize)
  • Judge Rules CA Can Take Local Redevelopment Funds (Examiner, AP via CoCo Times, Sac Bee)
  • Chiu cracked last when Newsom promised a compromise on parking meters. One year later, we still have HUGE cuts and nothing moving on the parking front. Maybe this year Newsom can skip the dancing around and just promise the moon.

  • turtles

    That SUV blocked Market Street traffic for just about as long as this month’s Critical Mass ride will, so I’m sure there will be some major outrage on that reckless, rude, self-centered car driver…

  • turtles – probably a lot longer. But that was an “accident”, ya know…

  • I don’t get it.

    How and why are cars still driving that far up on Market? It doesn’t seem to be a direct route for any major destination for cars – you would have to literally go out of your way to turn right on it from 6th or a street north of that, and if you’re going to the bridge like most traffic seems to be, then turn right again off of it. So they had to have already been coming from SoMa and are simply making a detour and a mess. Can somebody please explain what i’m missing?

  • It’s a road and roads are meant for cars. If it is paved, it will be driven on. It’s the 11th commandment, Ezekiel 11:45.

    But yeah, I hope they got a ticket for dismissing the forced right turns along with the long list of other citations they should receive. Then heckle them and call them a Masshole.

  • Nick

    While we’re talking about Market Street, the forced turn at 10th is being ignored by 70% of drivers. They cut back over the bike lane, see the “lane closed” sign, and then drive in the transit lane.

  • Nick –

    I wonder why they don’t just start issuing citations? Just pull them over after they blatantly disregard the sign. It’s a justified goldmine.

  • Nick

    Aaron, it would also create a huge backlash against any permanent change to Market Street. Each person that gets ticketed, adds to the opposition.

  • How fast was that car going to manage to flip over?

  • So we should let people break the law because they might be upset? By that logic if we want less public space wasted on parking then we need not ticket illegal parkers – they may oppose any future street improvements.

    I call bullsh*t.

  • Jamie – Going? I thought it was just a really bad double-parking job.

    Nick – yeah, that doesn’t really make sense.. non-enforcement means no real change, so I guess you’re right that they’ll be happier to accept something that doesn’t actually change anything…

  • thanks for the shout out – we are having great fun doing the series ;D