Today’s Headlines

  • Supes Committee Delays Decision on Proposed Sit/Lie Ordinance (BCN via CBS5, KCBS)
  • Treasure Island Development Plan Approved by Supes Committee (SF Examiner)
  • More on the Mayor’s "Lesson in ‘Muni Math’" (City Insider)
  • Sonoma Transpo Authority Backs Vehicle Registration Fee Increase (Press Democrat)
  • Merc Op-Ed: "Palo Alto Could Do a Better Job Getting People Out of Their Cars"
  • The Politics of Bus Stop Consolidation (The Snitch
  • Union Pacific Promises a Fight Against Calif. High-Speed Rail (Merc)
  • Transpo Secretary LaHood Rides 300-mph Japanese Maglev (AP)
  • Parking Reform Politics: How to Bribe Our Way Out of Parking Minimums (Yglesias)
  • CNN: "Drivers, Bicyclists Clash on Road Sharing"
  • Is There Such a Thing as New York City Bike Culture? (Streetsblog NY)
  • Personally, I find this comment interesting – “He said one of his business neighbors opposes the projects because he fears that he will lose parking spaces in front of the bar.”

    Uhm, shouldn’t the owner be concerned about drinking and driving and make whatever efforts can be done to promote non-driving patrons to avoid that tragedy? This is where the knee-jerk (often counter-to-actual studies) less-parking-means-less-business argument gets exposed for all it’s faults.

  • Nick

    Re: the politics of bus stop consolidation

    The article doesn’t add up. It says the MTA doesn’t want to upset the BOS because they need their approval for other favors, namely the placement/removal of Stop Signs.

    That seems completely unrealistic considering the City NEVER removes a stop sign once installed, citing liability reasons. And the City is VERY reisistant to installing any new stop signs.

    I’d say the main reason the MTA can’t “make it happen” is their own lack of vision.