Board of Supervisors to Discuss SFMTA Budget and Audit Today

IMG_1277.jpgMuni will be center stage at City Hall today. Photo: Michael Rhodes

Heads up, Muni riders and supporters: the Board of Supervisors will be taking the first step towards approving or rejecting the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s two-year budget today at its Budget & Finance Committee meeting.

Follow Streetsblog SF’s Twitter feed for news of major developments at the meeting, or come down to City Hall in person at 1:30 p.m. to speak during the public comment period. In addition to discussing the budget, the supervisors will be talking to the city’s budget analyst, Harvey Rose, about the results of an SFMTA management audit released yesterday.

  • andrew

    Let me guess, they want more control?

  • Jim

    Is SF crazy or what? SF is proof positive that liberalism cannot work. Heck, the whole state is now a classic example of the failure of “feeling” based public policy.

    I am going to call for a boycott on SF and LA until they wise up and leave AZ alone.

    This is not about immigration…………it is about ILLEGAL immigrants; i.e. criminals.

    Mexico wouldn’t stand for it one second if the shoe was on the other foot and Americans were sneeking in that country illegally, why are we being so dumb?

    My suspicion is the likelihood that these illegals represent the new, liberal power base and as such, the ultimate destruction of American.

    In closing, why is it that liberals are the most intolerant bunch I’ve ever run into? Talk about hypocrits!

  • Jim – chew on that while you eat your cheap hamburger, made cheap because US corporations employ illegal immigrants (and those with legal status who arrived illegally) in their feedlots and meat packing plants. Those companies get quite a deal when they provide no health care for those employees.

    We have collectively voted with our dollars to pay more in taxes to support those workers than to pay more for the hamburger in the first place.

    If there were no jobs, they would not be a desire to come to the US in the first place.


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