Driver Strikes Cyclist at Fell and Masonic

IMG_9463.jpgA Ford Focus ZXW station wagon involved in a crash at Fell and Masonic today. Photos: Jim Herd/SF Citizen

A driver struck and apparently injured a bicyclist at the intersection of Fell and Masonic this afternoon.

Details of the crash, including the extent of the bicyclist’s injuries, are still emerging, but photos of the crash published on SF Citizen show the victim’s red Cannondale fixed-gear bicycle split in two. The windshield and hood of the small Ford Focus ZXW station wagon involved in the crash were smashed.

Jim Herd, who happened upon the aftermath around 1 p.m., said he was able to gather only limited information about the circumstances, but did learn that the driver is a Native French speaker, and the victim’s brother was on the scene.

The intersection is notorious for conflicts between bicyclists and drivers, since drivers turning from Fell onto Masonic often fail to yield to bicyclists riding along the Panhandle bike path. That prompted the SFMTA to seek relief from the bike injunction to install a bike-only light at the intersection. Drivers have continued to illegally turn through the light, however.

Herd said he couldn’t tell what caused the crash, but that it appeared to happen at a higher speed than a typical crash between a turning car and a cyclist crossing the Panhandle path. The San Francisco Police Department could not confirm details of the crash immediately, but we’ll update with more information as it comes in.

Update: SFPD spokesperson Samson Chan said the cyclist suffered non-life-threatening injuries and a medic responded at the scene. According to Chan, a caller reported the cyclist had flipped in the air during the crash, but apparently was still conscious and breathing when officers arrived. The driver remained on the scene to speak with officers. Still no word on exactly how the crash happened.

More photos of the aftermath of the crash after the break.

IMG_9465.jpgAn officer holds the wreckage of a bicycle involved in the crash today.
IMG_9464_1.jpgA vehicle involved in the crash today.
IMG_9462.JPGThe victim’s brother holds the damaged bicycle.
IMG_9471.JPGThe scene of a crash at Fell and Masonic.
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  • XC

    A little vigilance goes a long way – gotta double check those approaching/waiting cars in the left lane before you cross masonic, even with the bike traffic light. There and countless other conflict points throughout the city.

  • Jim

    That intersection is just plain bad: drivers regularly run the red coming down Masonic and park in the crosswalk. I once helped a bloody-faced girl there who’d been taken out by a car failing to yield right of way. If any intersection requires red light cameras this is it.

  • marcos

    If yer gonna sacrifice safety for fashion, then you’ve gotta deal with the consequences such as being presumed at fault for not adhering to the basics of the vehicle code.

    All operators of vehicles are supposed to maintain control of your vehicle even if that means ceding legitimate right of way (something that is always given not taken) to someone else who is in the wrong to avoid a collision.


  • g

    the intersection is still hard to navigate because it is difficult to distinguish the lights at a high rate of speed (driving). the only thing that changing the light really accomplished was assigning fault. whereas before you had one lane of travel crossing two others, now their movements are at least supposed to be separate and distinct. and it is easier to determine who is at fault.

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  • Teryl Lodan

    They think the same thoughts at the same time, no matter what part of the world they live in, or what language they speak ended up wth a herniation


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