Today’s Headlines

  • Someone needs to tell the MTA spokeswoman that the meeting was canceled because the mayor hasn’t appointed those two positions. The double speak is ridiculous. The mayor once again has handcuffed the city and forced a lack of quorum probably to avoid discussing the audit.

    I’m blown away that they expect people to eat up the crap they are spewing out.

  • Rec and Park article from SFGate is suprisingly good. I wasn’t aware the city had brought in half a million from the zipline and Peter Pan – they should be praised for finding some great ways to bringing in revenue and activating the space at the same time! Now lets get SFPark in Golden Gate Park and help them earn some more!

  • Have you seen the damage that Peter Pan has caused to that green space? I shudder to think of what it’ll look like after they remove the tents.

  • @mikesonn I would hope the city included restoration of the turf in their contract – it sounded well-negotiated at least in price

  • SteveS, I hope so too. Just walking by the other weekend it looks rough. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was included, and it should be. But yeah, the zipline didn’t have any significant impact so nice to see they made some money on it.