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tumblr_l2uplnjmfn1qbm3es.jpgMuni passengers walk out of the Duboce and Church tunnel over the weekend following a breakdown. Photo by William Poor via SF Weekly.
  • Mechanical Problem Causes Long Muni Metro Delay (The Snitch, BCN via SF Appeal
  • Transit Advocate Sue Vaughan Continues Her Series, "Minding Muni" (Fog City Journal
  • The Chronicle Looks at BART’s Likely New Police Chief’s "Turbulent Past" (SF Gate)
  • Poll: Santa Clara County Voters Would Support Hike in Vehicle Registration Fee (Merc)
  • San Anselmo Residents Demand Safety Improvements on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. (Marin IJ)
  • SF High School Students to Get Lesson About Dangers of Texting and Driving (SF Examiner)
  • Women Who Bike Series Features Rose Johnson and Lisa Marie (BIKE NOPA, Bikes and the City)
  • Music Industry Lawsuit Could Leave Streetsblog Funder Mark Gorton With
    Fewer Funds (NYT)
  • Nine Artists Chosen for Public Art Projects at Hunter’s Point Shipyard (SF Gate)
  • 80,000 Flock to San Mateo County for the Maker Faire (SF Gate, Merc)

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Capitol Hill

  • How many overhead wire failures does this make on this stretch that they just spent millions of dollars to completely replace two years ago?

  • How many overhead wire failures does this make on this stretch that they just spent millions of dollars to completely replace two years ago?

    It’s hard to imagine a metro operator that is remotely competent rebuilding from scratch the overhead of a network critical underground section, at huge and years-long rider inconvenience, with high-maintenance and failure-prone suspended catenary when superior solutions are widely available, widely used around the world, widely accepted, and proven.

    But this is Muni, and, more particularly, the third world quality but astronomically price gouging, rent-seeking and trade-protected consultancy mafias it feeds and who pull the strings, that we’re talking about.

    Want to ride a metro that works most of the time and doesn’t break down constantly? Take a ride pretty much anywhere outside North America.

  • Nick

    I doubt they “completely replaced” all the wiring and communications 2 years ago. Those are 1970’s era fittings with decades of dust to match.

    MUNI is failing due to a system that was designed and built over 60 years ago. Other countries had the advantage of building their infrastructure later.

    To give you a car analogy, MUNI is a 1950 Buick while China is a 2000 sedan of some foreign variety.

  • @Nick I agree that the control and communication systems are also a huge problem, but all the articles say that this incident, as well as a string of recent ones, was caused by an overhead wire failure. And they did indeed just completely replace all the overhead wire from Embarcadero to West Portal (it looks like this particular area was done closer to three years ago, but I hardly think that changes the point); see the MTA’s old page about the project here:

    This points out how deep the problems with Muni are: yes, they have a revenue problem and a cost problem, but as we see here, even when they do get funding for significant projects that should be delivering us more reliable service, they have contract and vendor management problems that prevent them from spending it effectively.

  • Echoing Murph from last week — Any update/preview of the June 15th hearing on the bike plan guys? Fingers crossed but I am definitely not holding my breath for easy sailing and full passage of all the projects that have made it this far! Speaking of projects that have NOT made it this far…still loving that 2nd street without bike lanes. Rincon Hill rocks!