Today’s Headlines

  • Hit-and-Run Rampage Suspect Described by Ex-Roomy as "Avid Cyclist" (SF Gate)
  • 25-year-old Man Killed by Driver on Hwy. 101 in Brisbane Hit-and-Run (BCN via CBS5)
  • High-Speed Rail Connection from Stockton to SJ Hinges on BART Livermore Extension (Coco Times)
  • HSR Route from Victorville to Las Vegas Could Begin Construction in 2011 (San Bernardino Sun)
  • Chronicle Writes About TransForm’s Car-Free Challenge; Features Concord Family (SF Gate)
  • Mayor Newsom’s "Unwavering" Position on Proposed Sit/Lie Ordinance (SF Examiner)
  • Survey Finds Number of Socal Drivers Who Text Behind the Wheel Has Doubled (Roadshow
  • Rob Sadowsky, Chicago’s Active Trans Director, Leaving Soon for Portland
  • Merc: "Now Bike Riders Have Their Own Smart-Phone Navigation Systems"
  • 1,900 Cyclists Begin 545-Mile AIDS Lifecycle Ride from SF to LA (SF Gate)
  • SFBC to Offer Valet Bicycle Parking at the Ferry Building (Bay Area Transit, City Insider
  • SF Examiner Writes About Effort to Use Toll Money for Bay Bridge Bike Path
  • Women Who Bike: Merylee Smith Bingham and Rees (BIKE NOPA, Bikes and the City)
  • Busy Sacramento Light-Rail Station Closes for Repairs (Sac Bee)
  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    I have a great idea! Instead of a HSR line from Stockton to Livermore, continuing on by BART, why not just toss the BART line and run the HSR to Pleasanton? Later, why not scrap BART in stages all the way to Castro Valley? Then we can dump the entire Dublin/Pleasanton/Livermore line. Eventually the HSR would terminate at Oakland Jack London Square.

  • I see MANY more drivers texting behind the wheel then I did just two months ago. One lady was driving down Columbus, right next to me, texting away and had her sun roof open. I said something to her, but I think it must have been an important text as she didn’t even look up at the road, let alone me.

  • JohnB

    Mike, I suspect that iniating a discussion through an open sunroof is probably at least as distracting to a driver as glancing at a text message.

    But as someone who has been both rear-ended by someone texting, and nearly knocked over at a pedestrian intersection by a cell-phone using driver, it is clear to me that whatever laws we have against something that has been shown to be as dangerous as driving drunk, they are neither sufficient nor effective.

    If the amount of texting is really growing, it may in fact be the growth of smart phones with GPS navigation apps.

  • Oh yes, JohnB. I am to blame. You are right. Glad you could chime in.

  • I suspect that arresting David Mark Clark is at least as much to blame for him being in jail as the fact he ran over 4 people.

  • Yeah, we wouldn’t want to startle a motorist while she’s texting and driving…very distracting from her little conversation!

  • Good job, Mike – gotta say something, can’t let bullies run free and think the practice is acceptable.