Today’s Headlines

  • More Coverage of Charges in Bike-Hit Rampage (CBS, SF Gate,)
  • BART Police Will Get Tasers Back (ABC, CoCo Times)
  • Budget Problems Could End Free BART Shuttle in Walnut Creek (CBS)
  • More Coverage of How BART Plans to Spend Budget Surplus (Examiner)
  • Fishman’s Wharf Plan Gives Pedestrians Priority (Examiner)
  • Pedestrians Hurt in Fisherman’s Wharf SUV Crash (CBS)
  • Fire Truck and Muni Bus Clip Mirrors (Examiner)
  • Matt Baume Writes Excellent Piece About City’s Watershed (Daily Casserole)
  • Heron’s Head Park in Bayview to Get Upgrades (Examiner)
  • Feds Step in With Funds to Help Nummi Workers (ABC)
  • SFGate Gives Oh So Much Love to Cars and Their Drivers. Blech! 
  • Road Fatalities Continue to Rise in India (NY Times)
  • Washing your car twice a week should be illegal. Isn’t water important around these parts?

  • Hah. Back when I had a car in the suburbs, you couldn’t get me to wash it more often than once in a couple months.

  • AlexR

    The BART article was sort of frustrating. It’s great that BART got a windfall and isn’t in the red anymore, but I don’t know if new seats are the best use of money, not when undoing fare increases are only “possible” and restoring service levels isn’t even on the table. BART’s weekend and evening service is too crowded and infrequent, and I think this is a bigger obstacle to ridership than fares or seat comfort. But then, when has BART management ever been known for its fiscal wisdom?