Today’s Headlines

  • Bike Hit-and-Run Suspect Held Without Bail (KCBS, Examiner)
  • Supes Reject Sit-Lie, Mayor Vows to Put It on November Ballot (KCBS, Examiner, SF Gate, CBS)
  • Bay Bridge Gateway Park Provides Interesting Potential (SF Gate)
  • Jury Selected in Mehserle BART Shooting Trial (KCBS, SF Gate, CBS)
  • BART Board May Put Surplus in Savings (KCBS,  Holds Public Workshops (Oak Trib)
  • BART Translink Users Happy With Service, According to Survey (Examiner)
  • Brentwood Voters Reject Sprawl Measure, Preserve Open Space (CoCo Times)
  • Despite Focus on Gas Tax, Majority of State DOTs’ Funding is Local (Transport Politic)
  • How a "Truck Trike" Could Change Urban Delivery (Bike Portland)
  • Do You Remember When Gas Was Under $1/Gallon? Some Old People Reminisce (Merc)
  • Used Translink on BART last night. Sure beats trying to find a machine that takes credit cards – speaking of, why the hell are those other machines even around?

  • Fran Taylor

    Regarding sit/lie, will Newsom also speak up for ticketing cars parked on the sidewalk? This push to clear sidewalks of people, while ignoring cars, implies that the latter have superior rights.

  • Fran, surprised?

  • Fran Taylor

    A little surprised and disappointed that this latest manifestation of mayoral double think hasn’t been mentioned much. It’s so obvious.

  • I’d go more with disappointed, but this is all par for the course. Newsom has routinely put vehicles above people. Usually it is in the form of balancing MTA’s budget on transit, but not it is just taking another direction and is hypocrisy is mounting. Maybe he truly thinks that sit/lie doesn’t pertain because cars don’t hurt people or block sidewalks – he does live in quite the bubble.

  • Sean


    Whether or not Newsom endorses ticketing of cars, you can call DPT enforcement and they -will- come out and issue citations. It is too bad that it isn’t something DPT will just cite when seen, but if someone reports it they will deal with it (although I do find that in many cases DPT is so slow the original offender will have moved on by the time an interceptor can get there).

    You can also report a block and they’ll just cite anyone parked on the sidewalk.

  • Sean has it absolutely right! Every time this issue is brought up, DPT just says they will enforce if there are complaints – it takes them off the hook for making the politically unpopular decision to proactively enforce the law. Then if no one complains, it vindicates the people who say no one minds.

    DPT Parking Enforcement (415)553-1200 – for all illegal parking, double parking, parking in sidewalk, parking in setback, etc.

    Everyone needs to put it in their cell phone’s address book, and take the 30 seconds to stop and call every time you see something!

  • Do you just leave the location or the license plate number/make/color also?

  • Sean

    Typically I call and just say “Hi, I’d like to report sidewalk parking at .” They never ask me for identifying information — presumably they just send an officer out and if a car is parked on the sidewalk at the address they’ll cite it.

    I’ve been told that they actually cite the entire block (fair’s fair, right?) when they go out, so I often reduce this to “Hi, I’d like to report sidewalk parking on the somethingHundred block of nTH street.”

    They don’t require your name (unlike a blocked driveway citation), so once you memorize the phone tree you can be off the phone in a minute assuming that you don’t get put on hold.

  • Nick

    Re: Bike Rampage Suspect

    The defense attorney he bought (no public defender here) keeps his offices in the Potrero Hill neighbohood on Kansas Street.

    Out of all the possible locations, why would he choose the one he tried to kill people in?