Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Mischief May Cripple EPA’s Power to Regulate Greenhouse Gases (NYT)
  • Happy Ending for SF Autistic Girl Whose Tandem Bike Was Stolen (SF Gate)
  • "Perplexing Decisions" Involving Caltrain and High-Speed Rail (Merc)
  • HSR Opponents Pack Bakersfield Meeting (
  • SF Arts Commission Narrows List of Artists for Central Subway Project (SF Examiner)
  • Pedestrian Injured by Driver in Early Morning Crash in Alamo Square (BCN via CBS5)
  • C.W. Nevius: "Fight Brews with Bogeymen of North Beach" 
  • L.A. Officials Unveil "511 Traffic Alert System" (CBS2
  • Women Who Bike: Mari Hunter and Emily (BIKE NOPA, Bikes and the City)
  • Portland DOT Installing Hundreds of New Sharrows (Bike Portland)
  • The Latest in Guerrilla Bike Lane Enforcement (Daily
  • Cyclist Letter Leads to Better Bike Stripes in Santa Monica (Gary
    Rides Bikes
  • SF Supes Approve Federal Money for Electric Car Program (SF Examiner)
  • C.W., stay away from North Beach. Far, far away.

  • This looks like fun:


    I rode by The Gas Station From Hell today and there was almost nobody there. The bike lane was clear. I was shocked. Could it be that people are actually boycotting BP? Of course just reducing one’s consumption of oil altogether is best.

    Why, why, why does Park and Rec irrigate the Panhandle bike lane during the middle of the day? I got soaked.