SPUR Evening Symposium: Dorothy Erskine: Graceful crusader for our environment

"For over 40 years, Dorothy Erskine worked tirelessly behind the scenes
to support housing for the poor, rational urban and regional planning,
preservation of farmland and the creation of parks and open space. A new
biography explores Erskine’s life and career, including her
motivations, inspirations and achievements as one of the Bay Area’s
foremost civic and environmental activists in an era when few women held
similar roles. With author Janet B. Thiessen. Co-sponsored by
Friends of Dorothy Erskine and Greenbelt Alliance."


Today’s Headlines

Man Biking on Sidewalk Seriously Injures Woman on Market Near Stockton Street (SF Appeal, SFist) Muni Riders Are Jumping Off Moving Buses (SFGate, SF Examiner, KTVU) Inflation-Adjusted Muni Fare Hike Goes Into Effect July 1 (SF Examiner) Market Street Bike Counter Tallied 54,000 Bikes in First Month (SFGate) Design Competition Launches for Taking Down 280, Re-Configuring Caltrain Route […]

Fox Business Tries and Fails to Capture the Dorothy Rabinowitz Magic

Might the talking heads at Fox Business turn their gaze to the Plaza Hotel’s lawsuit against a nearby Citi Bike station and sneer at the frivolous litigation tying up our courts? Of course not. Watch Dorothy Rabinowitz wannabes Melissa Francis and Fred Tecce spend four and half minutes in faux-libertarian outrage over the installation of […]

Whose Streets?

“Whose Streets? OUR Streets!” yell rowdy demonstrators when they surge off the sidewalk and into thoroughfares. True enough, the streets are our public commons, what’s left of it (along with libraries and our diminishing public schools), but most of the time these public avenues are dedicated to the movement of vehicles, mostly privately owned autos. […]