Today’s Headlines

  • Oil Companies Succeed Getting Measure to Rollback AB32 on Ballot (SF Gate, SJ Business Journal)
  • More Coverage of Yesterday’s Bike Injunction Hearing From SFBG, Bay Citizen, BCN via SF Appeal
  • Arco Station Owner Gets Physical with Protestors Who Say He’s Guilty of Assault (The Snitch
  • In D.C., Ray LaHood Takes Inaugural Ride in New Green Bike Lanes on Pennsylvania Ave (WaPo)
  • Infrastructurist: "How Bike Lanes Saved America’s Roads: A Historical Perspective" 
  • New York’s Smart Growth Law Could Be Transformative, But Devil’s in Details (Streetsblog NY)
  • City Insider Goes to a SPUR Forum Where Planners Talked About Sustainable Development
  • UCLA Prof. Tells Sacto Conference: America is Built for Cars, Not People (Healthy Cal via Bay Citizen)
  • Palo Alto City Council to Hold Meeting Tonight on High-Speed Rail Plan (Merc
  • Neighborhood Groups Send Letter to SF Mayor Citing Bay to Breakers Concerns (BIKE NOPA)
  • LTTE of the year…

    > Published Tuesday, June 22, 2010, by the Peninsula Daily News
    > Letters to the Editor
    > End free rides for bikes
    > I am getting tired of reading letters to the editor from sniveling, whining
    > bicyclists demanding 20 percent of each Caltrain be set aside so they can
    > bring their cycles on-board (Latest letter, June 17). These riders do not walk
    > but rather ride their bikes on the platform (despite signs saying they should
    > walk their bikes), get off the train ASAP blocking walkers (despite Caltain
    > requesting they get off last), rarely if ever obey traffic rules or stop at
    > traffic lights or stop signs, and generally exhibit smug disdain for all
    > pedestrians and motorists in cars.
    > With Caltrain showing a large budget deficit and threatening more fare hikes
    > and schedule reductions, I think one way to partially solve this crisis is to
    > charge each bicyclist for bringing their bike on the train, presently using 20
    > percent of the train capacity for free. Why not a $1 or $2 charge per trip for
    > bringing the bike along for a ride? End the free ride for the bikes and make
    > the cyclists pay their fair fare share for bringing the bikes on-board.
    > Warren Askew
    > Menlo Park

  • Nick

    Re: Arco Protests

    So Critical Mass is 2 days away and they protest Arco every Friday? Should be an interesting night………..

    I imagine they’ll continue to protest until the oil stops leaking. Oh and those protest girls are seriously gorgeous.

  • Nothing like a nice SUV with bikes strapped to the back blocking a bike lane. Yes, they can cross a bike lane to enter a business, but they can’t queue in a bike line. If they really want to wait, wait out in the traffic lane and let the people not slowly killing the planet pass.

    Also, who was the lady in white that was waving cars in?

    One last thing, if those drivers were so upset with waiting, why don’t they go across the street and pay a couple cents more per gallon and just get in and out quickly. The biggest joke of all this is that they are barely saving any money by going to this place.